People Are Complaining That Their Instagram Explore Page Is Suddenly Showing Too Much Nature And Not Enough Memes

“Why is my explore page fucked up?? now it’s full of a bunch of pictures of nature and shit.”

Over the last few days, Instagram users have noticed their Explore page — the algorithmically personalized “For You” tab based on your likes and preferences — has been involuntarily reset to include a lot of content they’re not interested in.

A handful of frustrated users are sharing that they’re now seeing a lot more nature and architecture posts on the Explore page. And not enough memes.

“Why is my instagram explore page filled with professional looking photography give me back my shitty memes,” someone tweeted.

“Gimme my old Instagram explore page back. I want memes, not artsy landscapes. What kind of fresh hell is this?” someone else ranted.

uhhh instagram has completely FUCKED my explore page and its like completely refreshed it? and is now all photography of nature or buildings and things i never interacted w before and decided to throw in videos of one of my biggest fears??? end me?

hey @instagram why the fuck is my whole explore page photography pictures i was looking for wholesome memes

It seems the apparent glitch is not affecting all users, but enough of them that they’re @-ing the company on Twitter and demanding answers.

“Why is my explore page fucked up?? now it’s full of a bunch of pictures of nature and shit...” one person tweeted at Instagram directly.

“@instagram what happened to all the memes on my explore page??? I didn’t ask for this :(” someone else tweeted.

anyone elses instagram explore page not giving them memes? :(

A spokesperson for Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, told BuzzFeed News Tuesday afternoon that there were issues with features across the “Facebook family of apps” and that they were working to “resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

The company did not respond to inquiries about what exactly was happening to cause Instagram- and Facebook-wide malfunctions— and why people are suddenly forced to scroll mind-numbingly through nature and architecture pictures.

Later Tuesday, Facebook said that a bug on the company's server impacted the tech company's apps, and announced that the issue was resolved.

Earlier today a bug in our server caused some people to have trouble accessing our apps. The issue has since been resolved – we’re back to 100% for everyone – and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

In conclusion: it looks like your Instagram Explore page will likely return to showing you memes.

why is my instagram explore page all the sudden so beautiful

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