People Are Shook (Yes, Actually Shook) After This Woman Captured A Deer Breaking Into Someone's House

Not clickbait, I promise, but what happened afterward is shocking.

Kennedy Maureen Polk was at her aunt's house in Muncie, Indiana, last week when she thought she saw "a big dog" outside, she told BuzzFeed News. So, she started filming.

Turns out: It was not a big dog. It was a normal-size deer. It trotted up to a house across the street from her aunt's.

It was a sweet, serene scene she was recording on her phone when — well, we'll have Polk's viral video show you what happened next.

You can hear the visceral reaction from Polk the second she realized it was a deer, and the deer was headed (literally) into the house.

"I just saw a deer running around the neighborhood and then I saw it do that! It was my honest reaction on film," the 21-year-old said.

Polk's video has been watched over 5.8 million times already and retweeted nearly 90,000 times on Twitter.

People had one of two reactions. One: utter shock.

And two: jokes.

But, according to Polk, what happened next was even crazier. It was also pretty sad.

"I was really worried that the deer would hurt the cats inside or damage their home," she said. After she realized the neighbors were not home, she called the local police department.

Polk said it took cops more than 30 minutes to arrive, so she carefully walked over to survey the scene.

"The front and back window were busted and the deer ended up cutting its leg very badly on the glass and it basically was hanging on by the skin," she said.

Polk, who was with her uncle and cousin, said they sadly observed the deer "scared" and running around the backyard, in pain, "slowly dying."

Polk said her uncle called the cops and received special permission to humanely shoot the deer to put it out of its misery.

"It was bleeding out and it was suffering," she said.

Polk said when police arrived on the scene, they also shot the deer. They called someone to "take the deer carcass and use it for its meat."

"We have a list in Muncie of people that want deer meat so it doesn’t go to waste," Polk said.

The Muncie Police Department confirmed the deer break-in incident but BuzzFeed News could not immediately get ahold of the officer who was on this case.

One of the homeowners, Nichole Call, told BuzzFeed News she came home with her children from dinner to discover what had happened.

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