People Love This Girl's Joyous Response To Her Boyfriend Gifting Her An Empty Box

Some are now pulling "empty box" stunts on their significant others...with varying results.

This is 21-year-old Braxton Sislo from New Orleans. He met his girlfriend, a 20-year-old Canadian named Ray, on Twitter, so it seems fairly appropriate their relationship has garnered a bit of a following on the platform.

Sislo works at a shop that sells cell phone accessories and last week his boss handed him an empty box that a new phone had arrived in, thinking he might be able to reuse the packaging.

"Oh maybe Ray can use this for stuff," Sislo said he thought. So he texted his girlfriend a photo of it and explained, "It's just a box."

Sislo thought his girlfriend would respond a simple "thanks" to the gesture. But instead, Ray was not only grateful, but she seemed genuinely elated and excited about the box.

Sislo found his girlfriend's response so endearing, he shared it on Twitter, where it's since gone viral. For obvious reasons, people are calling their relationship "goals."

This was my girl's reaction to me giving her an empty box

@Braxtation never let her go 😭😭she so cute oml

A lot of men copied Sislo's texts to see how their significant others would react to receiving an empty box. Results...varied.

Although some were also pleasantly surprised by responses they received. One person instead chose to fake-gift their partner "a rock."

Sislo said he thinks his girlfriend's response resonated with so many people because it serves as a reminder that "gifts and things aren't the most important thing."

Although he wants to make clear that he is buying her a Christmas gift — a few, actually. "The box was just a 'thinking ’bout you' gift," Sislo said.

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