People Are Relating Hard To A Speedy Cashier "Tryna Clock Out"

Cash me out quick, howbow dah.

This is 18-year-old Jewell Thomas. She lives in Queens, New York, and is currently a cashier at TJ Maxx.

Thomas went grocery shopping at a local Aldi over the weekend, and as she was being checked out, she couldn't help but notice how fast her cashier was ringing her things up. "It was somewhat unbelievable," she said, laughing.

As a cashier herself, Thomas suspected the cashier may have been nearing the end of her shift. She could relate to that feeling "when you're about to clock out," she said. So she filmed a bit of the masterfully speedy checkout and shared it on Twitter, where it's been reshared over 20,000 times.

"I'm a cashier myself and get the feeling of wanting to go as fast as possible to get customers in and out," Thomas said.

She said she held back a bit after the transaction and noticed the cashier was "going this pace" for the next customer, too.

Although it's unclear if our cashier friend was actually ending her shift on this day, folks who saw the clip were really impressed with her speed.

I wish all cashiers were that fast. Lines be moving slow af

But mostly they related — deeply and emotionally — to it.

@x_bc17 @oxjxxo deadass me😭😭😭

A lot of people are hilariously sharing their shared struggle at their current and former places of work.

@oxjxxo y'all I'm crying this is literally me cashiering at publix 😭😭😭😭 but that line be moving tho

@Thekiddgh0st @oxjxxo @buzzkillalexis @shekina_spiller @desiray220 @ByronLame_AF HONESTLY EVERY DAY AT STARBUCKS

@oxjxxo @SbTheGhost @saimah18 @ayronp97 this was me with pizzas at dominos guys 😂😭

Although some pointed out that some cashiers, especially at Aldi, are specifically trained to ring customers up this fast.

@oxjxxo If anyone knew Aldi they'd know this is how it's done and they have ledges at the side for you to bag up to save queuing time.

@oxjxxo u actually get higher points the faster you are lol there's " IPMS" ( items per min) don't ask how I know 🙄 lmao

Thomas told BuzzFeed News while she was appreciative her cashier wasn't trying to waste anyone's time, she was a bit worried for the groceries. "I was glad she was going fast to get out of there but also wanted her to be careful with my groceries!" she joked.

@oxjxxo this is every single aldi tho 😭😭 they always throwing shit in the cart

But props to you, Aldi cashier. "If you gotta do something, be great at it."

@oxjxxo @Slayna_ if you gotta do something be great at it ... I guess 🙌🏾😂

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