21 Emotional Signs From Students Who Are Fighting To Pass New Gun Control Laws

"You bet your ass I'm voting."

Students across the US on Wednesday walked out of school to raise awareness for gun violence and to honor the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre exactly one month ago.

What young people didn't shout at the top of their lungs, they wrote on paper or on themselves. Here are some of the most poignant, emotional, and sometimes gut-wrenching messages from the national student walkout.

Student sign says: As a black boy, I hope one I day I have as many rights as a gun. #nationalschoolwalkout

Exeter High School 10th grader Jack Anderson at today’s #NationalSchoolWalkout @seacoastonline

Thank you @RPEMS233 and @BaltCitySchools for supporting today’s #nationalschoolwalkout #enough

One of signs at Inman MS in Atlanta for #NationalWalkoutDay

“Arms Are For Hugging”- hands down my favorite sign. Met these juniors from Churchill High School of Potomac, MD heading down for #NationalWalkOutDay asking for gun reform & #EndGunViolence. Children are not prey! https://t.co/cMF1xoYXCt

At The Workshop School for #NationalSchoolWalkout, students hold up sign that reads #WeCountToo

I didn’t go to school because someone threatened to shoot it up today. Neither did 3/4 of my school. I did however make a sign for when I was planning on protesting. #NationalWalkoutDay https://t.co/XPHu1JAptI

These students from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in MD did *not* get permission to come out here, did it anyway. #NationalSchoolWalkout https://t.co/FFeK7q2HBy

Atlanta 8th grader made this sign for #NationalSchoolWalkout that starts in 5 min

“I wanna make it to graduation,” one student’s sign reads. #NationalSchoolWalkout #nyc

Albany High senior Ashma Thapa said she was not allowed to march with this sign, which the school deemed too political. “Can you get a photo of me with it anyway?” she asked. #nationalschoolwalkout #enough #NationalWalkoutDay https://t.co/VxRifSy8AF

A student carries a sign that says “Stop shooting, Start living” at Wilbur Cross High in New Haven #NationalSchoolWalkout https://t.co/o5JzbfT2Bq

Students at CAPA High School walk out in Pittsburgh and form chain around school to mark one month anniversary of Parkland, FL shootings, many signs of #NeverAgain https://t.co/di6WH8V08l

Students have stood up again. Complete silence. Their faces are so serious. One of them was shaking with the cold and still holding up her sign. https://t.co/AXWvEcIet3

A student named Alex has brought this sign to the #NationalSchoolWalkout in DC

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