People Think This Photo Of An Eagle Looking At Its Reflection Is A Metaphor For The US

"I don't know who you are anymore," someone imagined the eagle saying to itself.

If you've been following the loose narrative of metaphoric eagle photos, you'll remember the photo of two fighting bald eagles caught in a drain in Florida taken only a few days after the 2016 election.

Two eagles stuck in Orlando drain. Things you only see in #Florida #wftv

You also may recall the metaphor becoming all the more real, and somber, for some people when news broke that one of the eagles died.

That storm drain eagle died, and in doing so, became an even more pointed metaphor for post-election America.

Well, someone has just shared this photo of an eagle "taking a hard look at itself" and wrote that it's definitely NOT a metaphor for "anything that's been happening in the news recently."

This photo of an Eagle taking a hard look at itself is not a metaphor for anything that's been in the news recently

The photo is taken by photographer James Geddes in 2011 and it's titled "Eagle On Ice."

Sam Morris, a design editor for Guardian US, tweeted the photo on Wednesday and it's been retweeted over 22,000 times already.

People agreed with Morris — it's DEFINITELY NOT a metaphor for the state of affairs in the country this week.

@SamMorrisDesign nope don't see it and that's my alternative fact.

But, say, if it were...folks started imagining what kinds of internal dialogues the photographed eagle would be having.

@SamMorrisDesign @stanfordbb I'm sure that eagle is thinking, 'Is it too late to be a symbol for another country? This prez embarrasses me.'

@SamMorrisDesign @young_lodgician He's thinking, "I should have scratched his eyes when I had the chance"

@SamMorrisDesign @dlpasco "Jeez, I wish they'd picked the turkey."

It, er, got pretty real.

@SamMorrisDesign @Patrici92998370 He's wondering where he'll find a food source after deregulation destroys his habitat.

@SamMorrisDesign @ClaraJeffery That's not water. Those are tears 😥

Some put in their suggestions for metaphoric eagle photos.

@SamMorrisDesign This, however, actually is a metaphor for recent events

"Nature sometimes gives us clues," someone wrote, looking back to the heavily GIF'd Time cover photo shoot of the POTUS.

@SamMorrisDesign @Lee_in_Iowa Learned a long time ago that nature sometimes gives us clues. Whether we choose to li…

Thankfully, the photo is NOT a metaphor. And everything is fine.

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