The Real Winner Of The Election? Drugs.

There are blue states and there are red states. But the GREEN states are the great equalizer.

bro FUCK the election oregon just became the first ever state to decriminalize ALL drugs this is fucking HUGE

Besides deciding on the next president, voters in several states on Tuesday made their choices on other important issues, like tax reform and drug reform.

In New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota, residents voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

Mississippi and South Dakota voted to legalize the medical use of cannabis in-state. And, for the first time in US history, Oregon decriminalized hard drugs, like cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, and methamphetamine. The state also voted to legalize psychedelic mushrooms.

This is all to say that — despite the anxiety of not yet knowing who's been elected president by Wednesday — the country took historic and progressive steps in destigmatizing drug use and drug-related offenses.

And on social media: It was lit...with all kinds of rhetoric.

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People were overjoyed at the news.

The way this is the best thing to come out of this election 🥺 fuck the war on drugs !!

me watching AZ legalize weed and flip blue after all the Trump Trucks scared the fuck out of me going 75 in a school zone

Some are still processing — and adding the legalizations to the litany of strange occurrences in 2020.

legalize hard drugs? in the middle of a pandemic? during a presidential election?????

So I think the takeaway from the election results nationwide so far is, we're all going to stay very, very divided and deeply split, and we're gonna legalize drugs So our national agreed-on game plan is, everybody stays angry and everybody takes drugs

Of course, there were jokes.

new yorkers going to jersey to buy weed

regardless of tonight's outcome we're gonna get a dispensary in new jersey named "dabagool" and this is a small victory

When I move to Oregon to sell drugs n I try to cook crack for the first time

As many jokes as there were, people recognized that these efforts are a serious attempt to start taking rehabilitative measures, as opposed to punitive.

Anyone who doesn’t realize that what Oregon did last night is a huge step in the right direction for this country has worms in their brain. Drug use is inevitable it’s time to stop criminalizing it. Also every nonviolent drug offender in prison should be released immediately.

Oregon decriminalizing hard drugs is among the most exciting 2020 news. It’ll be exciting to see if they can create effective drug rehab programs and build a trend rather than be an outlier. We should all be happy to see this change, because the prison system is awful & expensive

The votes in favor of drug reforms also put things into perspective for other Americans living in states that have not yet made similar progress. TF did Montana and South Dakota get recreational weed before us.

new jersey AND arizona legalizing weed?? show up to the party new york don’t be shy

Alas, in the Twitter words of rapper Juicy J:

Any state that legalize weed is a win for me thank you

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