People Are Sharing Emotional Reasons Why The Cubs Win Was More Than A Game

"I lost my grandpa yesterday who was a die-hard Cubs fan."

They did it! After a 108-year wait, the Chicago Cubs are the 2016 World Series champions.

Fans gathered in droves outside of Wrigley Field and exploded in unending celebration when "CUBS WIN!" flashed on the monitor.

This is the moment outside Wrigley Field when the Chicago Cubs won the #WorldSeries

But for a lot of longtime Cubs fans, this victory was an intensely personal one.

From screams to tears. Today will go down in history for this guy. @Cubs #WorldSeries #CubsWin

People started thinking about their grandparents who'd stood by their team for decades and decades and didn't think they'd ever get to see them win.

My grandparents have been Cubs fans for ~70 years. So happy they got to finally see them win the World Series!…

My great grandma has been living in Chicago for 101 years.. tonight she finally saw the Cubs win the #WorldSeries

Crying for my hometown, my favorite city, my mom, my grandparents who have waited literally their whole lives for tonight. Cubs win.

And for family members who died before they could witness it.

Thinking of the members of my family who were Cubs fans that I wish were here to see this moment. Makes me so happy to see them win.

For my grandparents, who wanted to see it and didn't make it. For my parents, who lived through heartbreak. The #Cubs win the pennant!!!

We buried my grandpa in 1989 wearing a Cubs cap. I'm sure he was celebrating last night too.

The long-awaited win went beyond sports for some families.

I lost my grandpa yesterday who was a die hard Cubs fan and as soon as they won my dad collapsed on the ground crying 😭😭😭

Hey Grandpa, your cubbies won ❤️ Wish you were here to drink a beer with ya ❤️

After the game, people at Wrigley Field wrote the names of their late, die-hard Cubs fan family members on a wall.

People are writing the names of loved ones who didn't live long enough to see this all along the Sheffield wall at…

Someone's grandmother even put a photo of her husband in front of the TV so he could "witness" the moment with her.

Til this day my grandma and grandpa have always been role models to me for love.... (& true cubs fans) 😂❤️💙

I'm an emotional wreck today. That was so much more than a simple bb game #CubsWin

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