People Have Strong Feelings About Cops High-Fiving People In The Women's March In Atlanta

Some people are calling the gesture a "fine example," while others feel it's a fine example of "white privilege."

On Saturday, a video captured and shared by the Atlanta Police Department showed participants of the local Women's March high-fiving, hugging, and saying "thank you" to police at the march. The video has gone viral, with more than 5 million views currently.

Facebook: video.php

More than 50,000 people have also shared the video on Facebook.

"The appreciation and love is unbelievable! Thank you Atlanta," the police department wrote.

Similarly, a video posted by local station WSB-TV showing different cops and marchers high-fiving has also made a big impact online. Their tweet has been retweeted over 16,000 times.

Cops high-fived marchers as they took to the streets of Atlanta today in solidarity with the #WomensMarch:

In both of videos, the initial and top comments mostly reflect a positive reception. People seemed touched by the camaraderie and thought this was a model example of how police forces and the public could co-exist — especially in protest.

@wsbtv @jdorchen This is more imprtant than it might seem at first glance. #CrackInTheStructure

@wsbtv @NoGOPNo Fine example of how cops and public should interact 👏👏👏👏

@omarosasdignity @jdorchen That is very uplifting news indeed.

People even shared other instances of "pleasant" police encounters across women's marches nationwide.

@wsbtv @moderndiva The NYPD @NYPDnews @NYPDCommAffairs was AMAZING today. Helpful, kind, pleasant, hard working. I felt safe & was proud.👮🏽

@wsbtv @ATL_Events Every time we marched past the cops everybody cheered and waved. It was really something.

Someone captured and shared a photo of an officer wearing the emblematic pink pussy hat during the march in Chicago. The tweet has been shared widely.

Chicago Police Officer in a pink pussy hat. Women's March Chicago.

However, some were critical about the gestures. Many people said that thanking and high-fiving police comes from a place of white privilege.

.@steakhousegirl I hope while you are embracing police presence you recognize the white privilege in this photo.

But y'all RTing photos hugging and high fiving cops might want to think about how different your interactions are with cops & why.

Especially in contrast to how police responded to marchers during other protests, like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cops high-fiving? Where was my high five? Oh yeah, you can't high five black girls. Too much of a threat.…

Why were cops high fiving protestors today but every other protest they're shooting rubber bullets, arresting people, spraying pepper spray

People referenced the famous photo of Ieshia Evans and police at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge as an example.

For my white women friends at #WomensMarch + are thanking the police, reflect on your experience + that of Ieshia E…

@wsbtv people are just people. But tou can't deny that the police tactics couldn't be more different.

One more reminder for anyone who thinks lack of #WomensMarch arrests was due to women being peaceful.

While some appreciated the cops' non-violent policing of the women's marches, it has not changed the feelings of militarized police for many others.

Make no mistake: the cops are the ones who chose not to gas the women's march. They are who makes things "nonviolent" or not.

RT if high-fiving cops doesn't make you feel any safer.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Atlanta Police Department for comment on the reaction to their video.

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