This Daughter Is Hilariously Documenting Her Mom Becoming A College Student Again

Brenda is the most adorably "mom" college student.

Meet 26-year-old Kitty Murray and her mother — and now college peer — Brenda.

Kitty told BuzzFeed News that her mom went to college for accounting more than two decades ago when she was just a toddler. Now at 48, her mom is going back, to the same school she's currently attending.

Kitty has been hilariously documenting her mom's second life as a college student on Tumblr, like sharing this "classy leather binder" she has for her notes.

And a very organized and adorable class schedule she made for herself.

So mom-like.

Brenda has taken college to the utmost adult level.

Kitty said they not only had orientation together, but they also take the same web design class and sit next to each other. "She codes a lot slower," Kitty joked. "She usually sits there and swears, and then apologizes to everyone for swearing.”

Not only has Kitty embraced Brenda as a classmate, but her mom hangs out at her house on campus for lunch or in between classes.

"She lives far and I live on campus so she'll stop by my house to have lunch or use the bathroom," she said.

But the best part of all this? Ironically, Kitty is pursuing a degree in accounting, just like her mom.