Hillary Clinton Trolled Trump Bigly During Her Wellesley Commencement Speech

"In the years to come, there will be trolls galore online and in person... They may even call you a nasty woman."

Hillary Clinton gave a commencement speech to this year's graduating class at Wellesley College on Friday. It was passionate, political, and very, very shady — specifically to one sitting president who's been embroiled in some stuff lately.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

HRC kindly thanked her alma mater for inviting her to speak, reassured students that she's "doing OK", and then wasted no time taking some jabs at President Trump.

"You may have heard that things didn't exactly go the way I planned," Clinton said, as the audience chuckled. "But you know what? I'm doing OK."

"Long walks in the woods. Organizing my closets, right?" she quipped.

Clinton then launched into a series of jokes and digs at Trump. Here is just a sampling of the shadiest comments made about the president.

When Clinton referenced once being "furious about the past presidential election of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice."

Brian Snyder / Reuters

"...After firing the person running the investigation into him at the Department of Justice," she added.

When she brought up deniers of science and facts. "Some are even denying things we see with our own eyes, like the size of crowds."

Brian Snyder / Reuters

Clinton did not name names, but she rattled off a list of popular criticisms against Trump and his supporters this year: "People denying science, concocting elaborate, hurtful conspiracy theories about child abuse rings operating out of pizza parlors," she began.

"Drumming up rampant fear about undocumented immigrants, Muslims, minorities, the poor, turning neighbor against neighbor, and sowing division at a time when we desperately need unity. And then defending themselves by talking about 'alternative facts.'"

She then attacked the GOP's budget proposals. "It is an attack of unimaginable cruelty on the most vulnerable among us, the youngest, the oldest, the poorest, and hard working-people who need a little help to gain or hang on to a decent middle-class life," Clinton said.

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"It grossly underfunds public education, mental health, and efforts even to combat the opioid epidemic. And in reversing our commitment to fight climate change, it puts the future of our nation and our world at risk."

She then outright calls it "a trillion-dollar mathematical lie" and "a con."

When empowering the students to speak up and fight against injustice, she warned, "In the years to come, there will be trolls galore online and in person... They may even call you a nasty woman."

Brian Snyder / Reuters

And when Clinton summarized her fears and resistance of the current administration with one sentence.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

"When people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society."

Clinton dedicated the rest of her speech to encouraging the graduating class to "be bold" and to "double down on your passions."

She spoke directly to the young women in the audience. "Put millions of more cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling," she said. "Because just in those years, doors that once seemed sealed to women are now open."

You can watch the entire commencement address below.

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