This Puppy Took Her Owner Out For A Walk And What A Strong, Independent Woofer She Is

"Come along, hoomin!"

This is 19-year-old Chasitee Cooper from Houston. And that's her 4-month-old puppy, Diamond.

Cooper says she'll often let Diamond roam freely on their walks, sans leash. But on Sunday, because other dogs were out in their neighborhood, she decided to keep her on her pink leash.

(This line is just an excuse to include another photo of Diamond, tbqh — enjoy.)

Anyway, on Sunday while they were on their walk, Diamond at first refused to walk with a leash on. "After telling her to 'come on' a thousand times, she just grabbed the leash in her mouth and started walking," Cooper said. Diamond started walking her.

Wow. Much strong woman, very independence!

Cooper recorded the moment and shared it on social media, where it's been retweeted over 53,000 times.

And it's just...very good content and brings much joy to distressed strangers on internet.

@love_chasitee @jeremyykwan @yoonglovesboobs look at this responsible doggo walking his owner 😭

i'm crying bruh i love dogs so much

Puppies are the only pure thing left in the world.

@love_chasitee @sstefunnyy She's doing a great job

Cooper said Diamond (our "independent queen of feminism") has been empowered to walk her owner every time since.

Oh look at this independent queen of feminism

"Get in, hoomin...

@love_chasitee @roryhaspowers 'come along, hoomin'

"We're going walking." —Diamond, 2017

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