A Litter Of Puppies Was Born On A Russian Subway And They're Precious

Not your average commute, even on Russia's subway lines.

A homeless dog went into labor on a Moscow subway train Monday morning, giving birth to a litter of adorable little pups.

@moscowmetro / Via Twitter: @moscowmetro

If you're wondering how she got onto the train in the first place, Moscow is home to thousands of street dogs, some of whom have learned to navigate the city's massive subway system all by themselves.

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"#doginthemetro knows its way around better than newcomers. This dog got to Tulskaya station by itself on the Circle Line :)"

Passengers watched and cheered the mama dog on as she delivered the first of her babies, as you can see in this footage released by Life.ru.

Metro workers took the train out of service and routed it to the depot, where the dog gave birth to eight more pups.

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There, the mother got veterinary care and she and her newborns were taken to a city animal shelter, the metro's press secretary told Rossiskaya Gazeta. One more puppy was born en route, the shelter said on Instagram.

Moscow Metro / Via Twitter: @moscowmetro

The shelter also announced that the new mom now has a new name: Taganka, after one of the stations on the metro's Circle Line, which she was traveling on when she started to give birth.

Congratulations, Taganka! We hope you and your 10 little ones find safe and loving homes soon.



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