10 Ways Russia Is Showing Its Love For President Donald Trump

You can order an "elite burger" to celebrate the man who declared war on the elites.

1. This spelling-challenged commemorative coin:

2. This watermelon, given to a polar bear at a Siberian zoo because he "predicted" Trump's victory and his keepers are hoping to win the Guinness record for Most Russian Thing Ever:

#Russia has a fever & the only prescription is more c̶o̶w̶b̶e̶l̶l̶ – I mean, more #Trump. @MoscowTimes photo essay:… https://t.co/HB3yxnpU9h

3. This "elite burger":

The "Donald Trump Burger" in Tula, Russia has chicken, beef, bacon & a fried egg on top to represent the President'… https://t.co/zDitThqKB0

4. These commemorative sugar cubes:

5. This Russian army flagship store, which offered Americans and US Embassy employees a 10% inauguration discount:

6. This presidential portrait:

Russian artist Nikas Safronov says Donald Trump reminds him of Napoleon...and a pirate. "We hoped he would win," he… https://t.co/DVcxe3qoIm

7. This bizarre and oddly catchy music video:

In this day and age I would be more surprised if this Russian pro-Trump rap cartoon did not exist https://t.co/Sotc7dzJR4

8. This car decal:

9. This sack of coal:

After Trump sugarcubes and Trump coins from Russia, here’s Donald Trump… charcoal.

10. And this inauguration concert:


"As they say on the English-language internet: 'Russiansdidit' — we did it! :)"


This portrait of Donald Trump made of smoked fish, called "Something Fishy," was created by Lauren Garfinkel as part of her Edible Government series. It was made before the election to protest Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, Garfinkel told BuzzFeed News. An earlier version of this post had included it and incorrectly identified it as a Russian Trump tribute.

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