Why Constance Wu And John Cho Are Being Photoshopped Into Movie Posters

The viral #StarringJohnCho and #StarringConstanceWu posts reimagine the actors as leads in your favorite blockbuster movies.

Earlier this month, the social media campaign #StarringJohnCho was launched to tackle Hollywood's "whitewashing" problem with photoshopped movie posters incorporating the Star Trek actor.

William Yu, a 25-year-old digital strategist, started the hashtag movement to reveal what blockbuster films would look like if more Asian-American actors were cast in starring roles. It was also his response to Hollywood's whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell and Marvel's decision to cast Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange — controversial decisions that sparked #whitewashedOUT, which spurred tweets from thousands of upset fans.

People rallied behind it.

#StarringJohnCho is the only thing I need today thank you

John Cho. Yes please! #StarringJohnCho

p.s. can i also ask for more @danielhenney in my hollywood movies, please? #StarringJohnCho (A BUDDY COP MOVIE PLEASE OH GOD YES!)

Wanted to join the trend :D #StarringJohnCho @JohnTheCho

Shortly after #StarringJohnCho went viral, people began a similar effort to splice Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu into their favorite films.

#WhiteWashedOUT Hollywood film perfect for #StarringJohnCho & #StarringConstanceWu launch for #StarringWuAndCho 🙌🏽

My contributions to #StarringConstanceWu. Thx #StarringJohnCho & @lcshorten for the encouragement #whitewashedOUT

#StarringConstanceWu proved to be a hit too.

#StarringConstanceWu anyone? RE: @StarringJohnCho's comments to @Refinery29

Picture @ConstanceWu with this lead role! #StarringConstanceWu #AsianAmericans #StarringJohnCho

Wu, who has spoken out about Hollywood's whitewashing controversy, seemed to approve of the latest #StarringConstanceWu images, particularly the 'shopped Easy A poster.

Swapping with Emma Stone hahaha oh man.... https://t.co/AmlLVouIMC

(Remember Aloha?)

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