Students At This University Are Allowed To Wear Whatever They Want To Graduation And It's So Good

That's another way of using your talents...

Kyoto University has an amazing tradition where its students dress up in costume for graduation.

卒業生退場もカオスwww #京大卒業式

So on the morning of graduation, things in Kyoto get pretty weird.

卒業式に向かうアミダラ #京大卒業式

There were Pokémon walking the streets.

【京大卒業式 速報】 留年生 1限は出ないが卒業式には出席

As well as Poké stops.

【京大卒業式 速報】 もはや懐かしさを感じさせるポケストップ

Jesus was even there.

BuzzFeed News spoke to the mother of the student who went as Queen Amidala, who said her daughter actually chose to go to Kyoto University because of the graduation tradition.

卒業おめでとうございます #京大卒業式 #アミダラ

"When my daughter was in high school, she learned that the graduation ceremony at Kyoto University looked very fun, so she chose to go there," she said.

"Because of this, she’s been saying from the first day of her university: ‘Since I was able to get into Kyoto University, I want to dress up on my graduation day," Queen Amidala's mom said.

【京大卒業式 速報】 社会の線路は踏み外さないでくださいね

The costumes are pretty amazing.

【京大卒業式 速報】 瓶ビール軍団 お酒はほどほどに

Some famous U.S. politicians even showed up.

This guy went as his own school ID.

【京大卒業式 速報】 京大学生証 これを額に貼って河原町に繰り出す京大男子は数しれず

And this girl went as a god damn actual tank.

卒業式会場の中に戦車もいた #京大卒業式

“I think there are many opinions on wearing costumes at a solemn ceremony, but as a parent, it was fun to see how everyone—both students in suits or hakama and costumes—seemed to enjoy," Queen Amidala's mom said.

入場の演奏始まった #マイスタージンガー #京大卒業式 #京大オケ

Oh, also, there was a Kylo Ren in the student orchestra.

カイロレンが演奏してるwww #京大卒業式

This post was translated from Japanese.

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