Taylor Swift Said She’s “Never Beating The Sorcery Allegations” After A Bizarre Video Went Viral

We’re not saying that Taylor Swift controls the weather, air traffic, and other people’s firework displays… But we’re also not saying that she doesn’t.

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Earlier this year, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour attracted scrutiny for a pretty bizarre reason, with some arguing that the routine for her 2020 song “Willow” is reminiscent of “witchcraft.”

Taylor onstage

Back in 2020, Taylor revealed that when she first heard the instrumental for "Willow," she instantly thought it sounded like "casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you." And so it's unsurprising that she fully embraced this witchy imagery for her live performance of the song.

Closeup of Taylor Swift onstage

During the song, Taylor and her dancers wear long cloaks and carry large orange bulbs as they move ritualistically around the stage. But despite her original comments about the witchy inspiration for "Willow," many people have criticized the performance as they compared it to Taylor being in a coven and casting spells.

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TikTok @nicoooleypinto / Via tiktok.com

The Eras Tour kicked off in March, and not long after, one critic tweeted: “Never liked Taylor Swift, but now I definitely have a reason to. Just saw a video of her witchcraft/ritual performance on someone's Insta story... Nope! Get that evil out of here. Believers should not listen to this.”

Never liked Taylor Swift, but now I definitely have a reason to.
Just saw a video of her witchcraft/ritual performance on someone's insta story..

Nope! Get that evil out of here. Believers should not listen to this.

— Matt (@MewgaDS) March 20, 2023
Twitter @MewgaDS / Via Twitter: @MewgaDS

The following month, a TikToker went viral after she ranted about the performance in her video. In the clip, the woman says: “This is Taylor Swift's song 'Willow' where she is a witch during rituals. The first video you saw was taken by a fan the other night at the concert, and he says, 'Yes, summon the demons, bitch!’”

TikTok @tailahofficial / Via tiktok.com

The horrified woman then said that Taylor had commented on the video to say that “summon the demons, bitch” could be the new “one, two, three, let’s go bitch,” which is an already-established crowd chant at her shows.

"Is this the new 123 let's go bitch be honest"

Taylor did not acknowledge the backlash to her “Willow” dance routine at the time, but she did appear to allude to the discourse in a social media post on Monday.

Taylor Swift onstage

After taking September and October off, Taylor resumed the Eras Tour in South America last week.

Taylor Swift onstage

And during her show in Buenos Aires on Saturday, something pretty remarkable happened as Taylor did a surprise performance of her 2022 song “Labyrinth.”

Taylor Swift onstage

In a 25-second clip that has gone viral on social media, Taylor is singing the chorus of the track while playing the piano.

Taylor Swift onstage

Just as she sings the lyrics: “I thought the plane was going down / How’d you turn it right around?” the camera pans to the sky exactly as an airplane flies directly above the open-air stadium.

The venue, Estadio Mâs Monumental, is just a 43-minute drive away from an airport, so the plane was incredibly large as it passed the concert while seemingly making its way down for landing.

Taylor facing the crowd

In the video, the crowd could be heard cheering in amazement after spotting the plane, and Taylor herself couldn’t resist acknowledging the magical moment on social media.

Taylor Swift onstage

The star shared the video on both Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, and appeared to reference the criticism she faced earlier this year as she wrote: “Never beating the sorcery allegations ✨🛬✨”

"Never beating the sorcery allegations"

And the airplane is far from the only strange coincidence that has happened during Taylor’s 2023 concerts, with fans sharing other examples of Taylor’s apparent “powers” online.

Closeup of Taylor onstage

Earlier this year, a bolt of lightning struck above the venue just as Taylor sang the lyrics: “I’d dance in a storm / In my best dress” from her 2008 song “Fearless.”

TikTok @aaazaleah / Via tiktok.com

And Mother Nature was also on Taylor’s side during a performance of the 10-minute version of the Swiftie favorite “All Too Well,” with a storm lighting up the sky just as Taylor sang: “Fuck the patriarchy.”


there will never be another moment where there’s 70,000 people chanting fuck the patriarchy together while it rains heavily and the lightning strikes AT the very moment, further elevating the power of it all!!!! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #TSErasTourNashville #TSErasTour @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation

♬ original sound - warisha
TikTok @worrysha_ / Via tiktok.com

Then there was the time that fireworks went off in the distance during the instrumental part of Taylor’s song “Enchanted.” The positioning couldn’t have been better, with a fan video that captured the moment showing the fireworks magically light up behind the star as she posed in her purple ballgown.

TikTok @erastourtaylor / Via tiktok.com

And who can forget when a stunning sunset turned the sky into vibrant shades of pink while Taylor sang her romance anthem “Lover” in April?

taylor finally got her lover songs at sunset like she wanted and it is stunning pic.twitter.com/Tve4e5YCvF

— laura💜 (@folklorefairies) April 15, 2023
Twitter @folklorefairies / Via Twitter: @folklorefairies

Or when it started raining at the exact same time that Taylor started singing her song “Midnight Rain” during the third Eras show in Mexico in August, and stopped soon after she finished the track?

TikTok @elizabethserano / Via tiktok.com

Suffice to say, Taylor is right; she is never beating the sorcery allegations.

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