“Succession” Star Sarah Snook Has Said “It Would Be Far Too Dangerous” For Her Mental Health If She Cared About Her Looks As She Recalled Being Chastised For Eating Cake On A Movie Set

Sarah said that being scolded by a movie producer for eating chocolate cake felt “infantilizing” and left her “dying inside.”

It’s fair to say that Sarah Snook is enjoying a serious career high at the moment.

Sarah Snook holding her Golden Globe

However, Sarah’s career certainly hasn’t always been this glittering, with the Australian actor opening up about being branded a “nobody” and cruelly body-shamed while shooting one of her early films in a new interview.

Closeup of Sarah Snook

She went on to tell Time that she did not question these harsh comments in the moment and accepted the role because she figured: “In order for me to be successful, I have to be all the things that aren’t me.”

Closeup of Sarah Snook

At this point in her career, Sarah already had a complicated relationship with her appearance. She told Time that she spent her teen years believing that she was “completely, abhorrently unattractive,” which made her “create good character instead.”

Closeup of Sarah Snook

And appearing on the cover of a magazine provided Sarah with a wake-up call that solidified this mindset. She said: “All I wanted to do was be on the cover of a magazine, like, wow, wouldn’t that be amazing? I could say, ‘See, I am beautiful in the eyes of the world.’”

Closeup of Sarah Snook

Sarah has been acting since 2009, but it was Succession that made her a household name after its premiere in 2018. Speaking to Time, she admitted that she almost didn’t accept the role because the glossy character of Shiv is so unlike herself, but it’s safe to say that she ultimately made the right decision.

Screenshot from "Succession"

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