Reneé Rapp Just Nonchalantly Revealed That She Is “Ageist” Toward Millennial Women, And It Has Seriously Divided People

Andy Cohen was left too stunned to speak when the Mean Girls star made the casual confession during an interview.

Reneé Rapp has been dominating social media lately thanks to her role in the latest Mean Girls movie.

Reneé Rapp on the red carpet in a jacket with a corset top

In case you missed it, Reneé first gained recognition when she starred as Regina George in the Broadway musical of the 2004 film, and she reprised her role for the movie adaptation that was released earlier this month.

Reneé Rapp singing onstage while wearing a shirt that says "Mean Girls"

And Reneé has not held back on the subsequent press tour, with the 24-year-old star often going viral for her “unfiltered” and “unhinged” behavior while promoting Mean Girls.

For example, she once used an interview as an opportunity to call out a random man called Buddy after he upset her. She even sent a message directly to Buddy as she let off steam, saying: “If you're watching this, I can't stand you, and I hope your business burns. You are so disrespectful and so misogynistic. I hate you. Fuck you, Buddy."

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Then, during an interview with Extra, Reneé was asked about her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion for the movie. Reneé responded by heaping praise on Megan’s “incredible” ass before sharing her “hate” for Tory Lanez.

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Basically, as one Twitter user surmised, Reneé has just been saying “whatever’s on her mind” during each interview, and fans have been absolutely loving it.

But this no-holds-barred approach reached new levels during Reneé’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, when the actor left host Andy Cohen speechless by brazenly admitting that she is “ageist.”

A closeup of a shocked Andy Cohen

As Andy questioned what she meant by this, Reneé doubled down and said that she has an issue with “millennial women” in particular due to her bad personal experiences.

It’s worth mentioning that Reneé was born in 2000, making her Gen Z.

During the show, Andy asked Reneé which Real Housewives of Potomac cast member she would be best friends with in real life, and Reneé said, “There’s something about Karen [Huger] that’s just so funny to me. She’s so funny, and I’m very ageist but, like…”

But at this point, 55-year-old Andy cut her off by exclaiming, “You’re ageist?!” to which Reneé nonchalantly replied, “I am, actually.”

“You don’t like older people?” Andy pressed, clearly unable to wrap his head around her comment. He then decided to put an end to the game to dive more deeply into what Reneé had said, saying, “We’ve got to dig into this. OK… So you’re a little ageist, OK. Well, let me ask you this, are you ageist towards me?”

“No, no,” Reneé said, with Andy then asking, “You just look down on older people? Or don’t care for them?”

Twitter: @MadBeefs / Via Twitter: @MadBeefs

Reneé then started laughing as she tried to explain herself. She said, “I just feel like, I don’t know, I just was always the young one in situations… Like, millennial women were always coming for me and I was like: ‘Shut up.’”

Housewives star Gizelle Bryant, who is 53, was also a guest on WWHL and warned Reneé, “You’re going to get older one day,” to which Reneé admitted, “I fear.”

“No, you don’t fear!” Andy said in response, with Reneé arguing, “I fear because I’m ageist!”

Needless to say, Reneé's confession has caused a stir online, with the clip gaining traction on X, formerly known as Twitter, in the days since her appearance on the show.

And the response has been incredibly mixed, with many claiming that Reneé was clearly just joking as they lauded her humor, while others insisted that she was being completely serious — and that they agreed with what she said.

Others called Reneé out for the comment, with many questioning whether she was still in character as the Mean Girls queen bee Regina.

“Is this like some sort of method acting stunt trying to stay in character for Regina George cos if so she's committed to the bit,” one person tweeted in response to the video. Another wrote, “We are culturally terrified of aging plus we have a misogyny mirror here. Because saying you’re ageist but then limiting it to just women is a little extra something.”

Twitter: @KevonH / Via Twitter: @KevonH

“She's trying too hard to be *that* girl.....she wasn't expecting them to detail the game to explore the comment further and couldn't give a substantial answer at the end,” another claimed.

Bravo / Via Twitter: @GagaVanTrap

Somebody else wrote, “Not Reneé Rapp proudly saying she’s ageist on national television while sitting next to older people.”

Twitter: @youdeniseatsix / Via Twitter: @youdeniseatsix

“It was def suppose to be a one off joke but they harbored on it, and then she doubled down. it just didn’t land well,” one more argued. While another insisted, “I think she worded it so awkwardly, what I gathered is that most of the time we are told to respect elders even when they don’t respect you.”

Twitter: @astrolala_ / Via Twitter: @astrolala_

“Old people talk about young people all the time but as soon as a young person says something they start clutching their pearls,” somebody else said. Seeing the humor in it, another viewer tweeted, “The way she doubled and then tripled down on it. With a smile on her face lmaooo.”

Twitter: @peachtreetech1 / Via Twitter: @peachtreetech1

“I should be offended by Reneé Rapp proudly saying she’s ageist but it’s just too funny I’m laughing instead,” one more agreed.

Bravo / Via Twitter: @JoePassmore

Somebody else asked, “Wait I’m kinda lowkey obsessed with Reneé Rapp, what do you mean she publicly claimed to be ageist on Andy Cohen’s show?”

Twitter: @ed_lak / Via Twitter: @ed_lak

Reneé has not publicly acknowledged the mixed response to her comments.

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