People Are “Scared” After Millie Bobby Brown Teased That She Knows What Will Happen To Eleven In The Final Season Of “Stranger Things”

While Millie doesn’t know how the series as a whole will end, she did manage to sneakily find out her character Eleven’s fate.

As you are probably aware, Stranger Things is currently filming its fifth and final season, and fans are desperate to find out what will happen to each of the beloved characters.

Five characters from the show "Stranger Things" standing together, looking intently ahead

Speaking to Capital FM on Thursday, the star was asked if reading the final scripts had been an emotional experience — which is when Millie revealed that she hadn’t read them yet.

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Dedicated fans of Stranger Things will be aware that the show’s writers map out all of the characters’ storylines on a whiteboard during production, and they have often shared photos of this whiteboard after previous seasons have aired.

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“I just saw my ending and thought, Ohhhhh, and then I walked away very slowly,” Millie said before insisting that the directors knew that she would see the spoiler and seemingly weren’t concerned about it.

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And while people have been left intrigued by what Millie could possibly have seen on the board, some admitted that her reaction hasn't filled them with hope.

“Interesting response to seeing Eleven's ending👀,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “oh god im scared.”

“I don't know why but that ohhh just doesn't seem good,” somebody else agreed, while one more asked, “why does this make me nervous af..😭”

It’s worth mentioning that although Millie did see the plan for Eleven on the whiteboard, the creators have previously said that parts of Season 5’s storyline could change during filming.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things screaming with her hand outstretched

If you need reminding, Season 4 of Stranger Things ended with Eleven and the crew in California returning to Hawkins after Vecna wreaked havoc in the Upside Down, killing Eddie Munson and leaving Max in a coma.

Max in a coma in Stranger Things
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