Here Are 14 Oddly Specific People, Characters, And Things That These Met Gala Looks Have Been Compared To

I present 14 comparisons that get progressively weirder as the list goes on.

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1. Sydney Sweeney debuted a pretty dramatic hair transformation at this year’s Met Gala, and it was giving Billie Eilish.

2. And Sydney wasn’t the only attendee accused of emulating a fellow celeb, with Andrew Scott’s choice of outfit lending itself to Barry Keoghan comparisons.

3. Barry himself sparked a whole load of conversation with his brown velvet three-piece suit, top hat, and not one but three watches. Some felt that he was emulating Willy Wonka — specifically Timothée Chalamet’s recent iteration.

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4. Somebody else referenced the musical Hamilton as they joked: “he looks like he wants to be in the room where it happens.”


5. And when Barry teamed up with his rumored girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter as they made their red carpet debut, the jokes got even more creative. One compared them to Alice and the Mad Hatter from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie.

6. Somebody else went a little more niche, comparing the couple to Laurie and Amy from the book Little Women. Interestingly, Timothée Chalamet played Laurie in the 2019 movie adaptation.

Little Women, 2019

7. And fictional characters were a common theme, with a whole load of people wondering why Ed Sheeran attended the Met Gala dressed like Troy Bolton as they made reference to his powder blue suit.

8. K-pop star Jennie drew comparisons to Alexa Demie’s Euphoria character, Maddy, as one person tweeted a video of her walking out of her hotel in her midriff-baring ensemble and wrote: “maddie from euphoria on her way to algebra.”

9. And everybody was making the same Challengers joke when Donatella Versace proudly posed with Andrew Scott and Jude Law on either side:

10. Of course, as with every Met Gala, there were plenty of Hunger Games references, with one person saying of Zendaya’s attention-grabbing look: “She looks like she's gonna send so many donations to Katniss Everdeen in the arena.”

11. Getting slightly more left-field, Josh O’Connor’s look was compared to “the mouse that the fairy godmother turned into a footman for Cinderella’s carriage if he slayed,” an incredibly specific sentiment that appeared to be widely shared as the original tweet racked up thousands of likes and retweets.

Josh O'Connor in unique black suit with long trailing ribbon and patterned shoes on event carpet

12. But if that wasn’t weird enough for you, some celebs found themselves being likened to inanimate objects, with Rita Ora’s beaded ensemble drawing immediate comparisons to door curtains.

13. And then there were the stars who were compared to mere concepts. Sharing a photo of K-pop band Stray Kids on the red carpet, an X user asked: “why does this look like a stock image for gossiping.”

Stray Kids at the met

14. And finally, Dan Levy’s colorful lower half and jet black torso inspired one person to tweet: “The Darkness taking over my cute and bubbly personality when i hear the teams notification.”

Dan Levy in floral suit at event with photographers in background
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