Megan Fox Has Been Accused Of Xenophobia After She Made A “Disgusting” Comment About Ukrainian Women As She Responded To An Unrecognizable Photo Of Herself With Taylor Swift

On Wednesday, Megan was accused of xenophobia when she responded to an unrecognizable photo of herself with Taylor Swift on Instagram.

Earlier this week, a photo of Megan Fox with Taylor Swift went viral because of how different Megan looked in the picture.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, and Machine Gun Kelly pose together at Las Vegas nightclub

Megan was also at the famous club for the celebration alongside her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, but when photos from the night emerged, there was a lot of speculation over the star’s appearance.

Megan Fox wearing a mesh dress at a Sports Illustrated event

Some speculated that Megan had plastic surgery, while others wondered if she’d had cosmetic filler, and the actor decided to address the discourse on her Instagram page on Wednesday by sharing two more photos from the night that were taken in different lighting.

She wrote in the caption, “oh my god guys look how different i…dont look at all.”

Screenshot of Megan Fox's Instagram caption

But the sentiment behind Megan’s post was overshadowed by her shocking choice of words, with the star’s followers left horrified by her description of how she looked.

Megan on the red carpet signing a large poster

It also caused a stir over on X, formerly known as Twitter, where one person shared a screenshot of Megan’s comment and wrote, "Look at what #MeganFox says in her post. And then tell me that Ukrainian women shouldn't be mad af at how the world has treated us."

I'm tired how Eastern European women are constantly sexualized

— Gorgona (@baitdlamas) February 15, 2024
@meganfox / / Via Twitter: @baitdlamas

Quote-tweeting this post, somebody else added, "I’m tired how Eastern European women are constantly sexualized.”

Another tweeted, “the fact that this kind of discourse is obviously right there to be picked up and uttered by people in her social circles.”

One more asked, “Can someone explain me how this level of dehumanization is even... possible? How can someone say this, do this, and feel like there is nothing wrong?"

But Megan has hit back at the scrutiny, replying to one of the comments on her Instagram post with, “dear god. this is NOT what i mean. ukrainian women are hot af and so in my imagination the blowup dolls would also be hot.”

Screenshot of Megan's Instagram comment

However, this only fueled the backlash, with one person commenting on a Reddit forum, “her responding to an actual ukrainian lady who was bothered by the joke like ‘bro that's not what i mean, its a compliment! don't take it so seriously!’ makes it even more insensitive, my god.”

Megan in a black sheer-panel dress posing at a media event

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