After Emma Stone Faced Backlash For Seemingly Making A Beeline For Jennifer Lawrence As Michelle Yeoh Tried To Hand Her The Best Actress Oscar, Michelle Has Revealed What Actually Happened

After Emma faced backlash for seemingly making a beeline for her best friend Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle has cleared up the controversy.

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As you’re probably aware, this year’s star-studded Oscars took place on Sunday night, and it was certainly a show to remember.

Messi the dog at the Oscars

And so, for Best Supporting Actor, Sam Rockwell, Tim Robbins, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, and Ke Huy Quan were all on stage — with last year’s winner, Ke Huy, being given the all-important task of announcing which nominee had won this year and handing them their Oscar.

Sam Rockwell, Tim Robbins, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, and Ke Huy Quan on stage at the Oscars

However, it didn’t quite go to plan, with viewers at home accusing Robert of completely snubbing Ke Huy when he grabbed his award.

Robert Downey Jr. accepting his Oscar
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And as discourse about the situation erupted on X, formerly known as Twitter, many claimed that this year’s Best Actress winner, Emma Stone, did the same thing when she accepted her award.

Emma Stone with her Oscar

This time, it was past winners Jessica Lange, Charlize Theron, Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Yeoh who introduced the nominees.

Jessica Lange, Charlize Theron, Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Yeoh at the Oscars

And in a clip from the moment that has been circulating on social media, Emma appeared to make a beeline for Jennifer as she took the award from Michelle — with Sally, who was standing next to Jennifer, even seen seemingly trying to pull Jennifer back to let Michelle have her moment.

ABC / Via Twitter: @justhalmi

“I’m trynna understand what happened with that Oscar handoff from Michelle Yeoh to Emma Stone. Because Michelle was trying to hand it to Emma. But it LOOKED like Emma was trying to give it to Jennifer Lawrence so that she could receive it from her instead???” one person tweeted.

Emma Stone with Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh and Charlize Theron on stage at the oscars

“Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are so rude. Why did she grab the award from Michelle Yeoh's hand like that?” another asked.

Jennifer Lawrence handing Emma Stone an Oscar while Michelle Yeoh looks on

But Michelle has now come forward to explain what actually happened, defending Emma as she revealed that it was her that directed the winner to her friend — and admitted that her actions had “confused” Emma.

Jennifer Lawrence handing Emma Stone an Oscar while Michelle Yeoh looks on

Sharing photos from the night to her Instagram page, Michelle wrote: “Congratulations Emma!! I confused you , but I wanted to share that glorious moment of handing over Oscar to you together with your best friend Jennifer!!”

Instagram post by Michelle Yeoh congratulating Emma, with mention of Jennifer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a show of support with heart and star emojis

And watching the footage back, it is clear that this is exactly what happened, with Michelle clearly the one who instigated moving towards Jennifer — not Emma.

Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh, Emma Stone on stage at the Oscars

While Michelle started to give Emma the award, she pointedly encouraged Jennifer to finish the act — with Jen cottoning on and dramatically handing it to her pal, who smiled broadly when she realized what was happening.

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ITV via ABC / Via

And with her award in hand, Emma was sure to personally acknowledge every woman on stage with her before turning to the microphone to give her acceptance speech, which she kicked off by saying: “The women on this stage, you are all incredible.”

Emma Stone with her arm around Sally Field on the Oscars stage

Emma also paid tribute to her fellow nominees, mentioning them each by name and telling them: “I share this with you, I am in awe of you. And it has been such an honor to do all of this together, I hope we get to keep doing more together."

Emma Stone accepting her Oscar

And as all of the stars made their way off stage after Emma’s speech, she once again acknowledged each of the women and they appeared to be in good spirits as they posed for photos together backstage.

Jessica Lange, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Sally Field and others are seen backstage during the 96th Annual Academy Awards

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