Dylan And Cole Sprouse Were Inundated With Messages About Their “Suite Life” Dinner Reservation Finally Being Ready, And It’s Safe To Say That They’re Feeling A Little Overwhelmed

While Dylan and Cole seemed stressed by the entire internet making the same joke yesterday, Chef Gigi had the best possible response.

If you were anywhere near the internet Thursday, you are probably aware that Zack and Cody’s dinner reservation had finally come around. Confused? We’ve got you.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zach and Cody

Back in 2008, Disney launched The Suite Life on Deck, which is a spinoff of the network’s hugely popular sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which premiered three years earlier.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse as kids at a media event

Both shows starred twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse as brothers Zack and Cody, with the actors just 12 years old when the first series launched.

Dylan and Cole as adults smiling at a media event

In a Season 1 episode of The Suite Life on Deck, which premiered in January 2009, the twins try to get a table at a swanky restaurant in Rome.

Dylan and Cole as Cody and Zack with Chef Gigi at the restaurant

In a scene that has been circulating around the internet in recent days, Chef Gigi tells the characters, “I can squeeze you in at 7:30” before delivering the punchline: “On November 16, 2023.”

Close-up of Chef Gigi

“But that’s in 15 years!” Cody exclaims in response, with Zack asking, “What if I don’t feel like Italian that day?”

Dylan and Cole as Cody and Zack with Chef Gigi at the restaurant

And whether the actors felt like Italian food or not yesterday, fans of the show were keen to let them know that their infamous reservation was now ready.

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Disney / Via youtube.com

On the highly anticipated date of Nov. 16, 2023, social media was filled with everybody making the same joke as Dylan and Cole’s profiles were inundated with reminders.

Dylan and Cole at a media event

Commenting on Dylan’s most recent — and completely unrelated — Instagram post, one follower wrote, “Better start getting ready for that dinner reservation is for 7:30 tonight.”

Comments: "Hope you had a wonderful dinner that was worth waiting 15 years for!," "Your table is ready!!!!!" and "Better start getting ready for that dinner reservation is for 7:30 tonight"

“Your table is ready !!!!!” another added. Someone else joked, “Hope you had a wonderful dinner that was worth waiting 15 years for!”

Comments: "Your reservation is ready hope you still want Italian," "Reminder: reservation at Gigis for 7:30 pm," and "Sir, your table is just about ready just cleaning it off right quick"

And the same was going on over on Cole’s profile. One of the countless comments on his most recent uploads reads, “I hope ur still in the mood for italian. 7:30. Chef Gigi’s. DON’T BE LATE.”

Other comments: "Just a one hour wait, sir," "November 16 at 7:30 reminder," and "Still set for tonight at 7:30!?"

“November 16 at 7:30 reminder,” another fan wrote. One more echoed, “Still set for tonight at 7:30!?”

Comments: "Iiiiiits tiiiiime *in Mariah's voice*," "Y'all make it to the dinner?" and "Enjoy your Italian food today at 7:30!!"

Others piled on the pressure for the stars to acknowledge the day, with one person tweeting, “if dylan & cole sprouse don't post a picture together at an italian restaurant today i will be severely disappointed.”

@thelivmackenzie / Via X.com

“if cole and dylan sprouse have any respect for pop culture, they have an obligation to fulfill today,” another added.

@katocalvin / Via X.com

The brothers were clearly feeling overwhelmed by this onslaught of messages and took to their respective Instagram stories to react to the gag.

Dylan uploaded a photo of himself looking distressed, with his head in his hand and surrounded by examples of some of the comments that he’d received.

Screenshot of Dylan's IG story with quotes about the reservations all around him

They included quotes like, “In the mood for Italian?” and “It’s been 15 years!”

Close-up of Dylan and Cole as kids smiling at a media event

Meanwhile, Cole went for a more literal demonstration of how many people had been in touch, sharing a screen recording from his phone as he scrolled his Instagram DMs.

@colesprouse / @falling_besson / Via X.com

The 41-second video shows countless messages in his inbox that all relate to the dinner reservation — and had all been sent less than an hour before, suggesting that they were just the tip of the iceberg.

Close-up of Dylan and Cole smiling, sitting together, and holding bottles of water

While it’s fair to say that Dylan and Cole seemed stressed by the big day rolling around, the actor who played Chef Gigi in the original episode was more than happy to lean into the joke.

Close-up of Sandra Purpuro smiling

Sandra Purpuro created a TikTok account especially for the day and brought her character back by re-creating the same outfit and hairstyle in a video all these years later.

Sandra in a chef uniform

In the TikTok, Sandra pretends that she is speaking to Zack and Cody as she gasps and says to the camera, “Oh boys, you’re back! Your table is ready, follow me!”

@sandra_purpuro / Via tiktok.com

Needless to say, this was a huge hit, and the video has racked up more than 2 million views in less than 24 hours.

Close-up of Sandra as Chef Gigi in the video

Sandra was praised for being such a good sport in the comment section, with one person writing, “I appreciate this more than you will ever know.”

Screenshot of the comment

Another commented, “Chef Gigi understood the assignment! 💜😭”

Screenshot of the comment

Somebody else added, “The fact Chef Gigi started TikTok today to let the boys know their reservation is ready! 🤣”

Screenshot of the comment

Elsewhere, Zack and Cody’s milestone date finally happening has left many Disney fans feeling “old,” and they took to X — formerly known as Twitter — to reflect on this.

Cole and Dylan as kids smiling

“I feel so old I watched that suite life on deck episode when it aired now the table is ready,” one of the many tweets reads.

@AbdullahSkyguy / Via X.com

Somebody else mused, “Watching that one suite life on deck episode you know the one and I remember watching that episode as a kid thinking on that day of the reservation I’d be SO old and probably own a house, be married and a vet by now. Well CLEARLY 9 year old me was WRONG.”

@SnowfallSinnoh / Via X.com

All things considered, there is just one thing left to know: Did Dylan and Cole get together for Italian food yesterday?

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