Two Months After Drew Barrymore’s Living Room And Tiny TV Went Viral, She Has Shown Off Even More Of Her Surprisingly Normal Home

Drew — who has an estimated net worth of $125 million — is being praised for her “regular apartment” after she showed off her kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.

Back in January, Drew Barrymore went viral after she shared a video of herself watching The Wedding Singer at home.

Drew Barrymore crying while watching The Wedding Singer

While we are used to celebrities showcasing their wealth in their luxurious mansions that are full of bespoke furniture and the latest technology, Drew revealed her pretty basic living room and unusually small TV.

Television screen showing a scene from The Wedding Singer, in a living room setting

At the time, the video sparked a mixed reaction from people. Some were in awe of Drew — who has an estimated net worth of $125 million — for being a bit of a relatable queen, while others were pretty skeptical as they questioned whether this was actually filmed in her real house.

“Why is drew barrymore’s tv so small and bad. What’s going on. I’m unsettled,” one popular tweet read at the time, while somebody else commented on Drew’s post: “The size of your tv and the simplicity of your home makes me love you even more."

And in a new TikTok video, Drew has shared more insight into her simple home setup as she reflected on being a homebody.

Drew Barrymore stepping out of a car wearing a blazer and a long white blouse

“I like staying in,” the audio begins, with Drew filming herself in a corner of her home that is adorned with multiple framed scenic paintings and a window with green velvet curtains.

Drew Barrymore in a casual video, no detailed clothing visible

In the next clip, Drew can be seen frying eggs in her kitchen, dressed down in a faded Minnie Mouse T-shirt and sweatpants. While the kitchen has a wall painted in a regal shade of green, Drew’s white gas cooker appears to be pretty basic.

Drew Barrymore cooking in a kitchen

Large white cupboards are also visible behind her, with the kitchen certainly not on par with the ones that we usually see in a celebrity’s home.

Drew Barrymore smiling and holding a plate of two fried eggs with the caption, "I am really happy hermit"

Drew’s closet is also no match for the huge walk-in wardrobes flaunted by the likes of the KarJenners, with it instead having more of a cozy Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City vibe.

Drew Barrymore in her closet

In another shot, Drew can be seen getting water out of a what appears to be a plastic filter, with shelves of glasses and mugs, as well as a roll of paper towels, taking up the rest of the space.

Drew Barrymore in her kitchen

In the final clip, Drew is sitting down to eat at her dining table which is covered with a floral tablecloth and striped placemat for her plate.

Drew Barrymore in a dining room smiling at the camera

And while Drew’s house is undeniably lovely, many of her followers were once again left surprised by just how attainable it seems.

TikTok @drewbarrymore / Via

One person commented on the TikTok: “You gives [sic] off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there 🥰 so wholesome and cuteeeee.”

Somebody else wrote: “I love that your house looks like a home and not just a show piece,” and another echoed: “i love that fact that she lives in a regular apartment doing normal things and just living her best life.”

Drew has previously shown her bathroom in a TikTok video, and it has a similar vibe to the rest of her home.

Drew Barrymore in bathroom holding a skincare product, wearing a headband and casual shirt with a banana graphic

The walls are adorned with framed photos and paintings, while the regular-sized shower has traditional black and white tiling as well as a plastic caddy overflowing with products.


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♬ original sound - Drew Barrymore
TikTok @drewbarrymore / Via

Drew Barrymore, never change!

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