Channing Tatum Just Liked A Comment That Claimed “The Government Lied About A Pandemic” After Making Anti-Mask Comments

Many have been left stunned to learn that Channing seemingly agrees with a seriously wild COVID-19 conspiracy theory.

On Friday, Channing Tatum was every inch the proud partner as he hyped up Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming directorial debut on his Instagram page.

A close-up of Channing Tatum on the red carpet

The two stars began dating in 2021 after Zoë reached out to cast Channing in her upcoming movie, which was called Pussy Island at the time.

Close-up of Zoë at an event in a sleeveless outfit

The film’s title has since been changed to Blink Twice, and it is due for release in August of this year — and it seems as though Channing is already the project’s number one fan.

Channing in a bow tie and suit and Zoë in a chain-link sheer dress walking down steps at an event

Taking to his social media page, the Hollywood actor shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the movie with his 17 million followers as he expressed his admiration for Zoë.

Alongside a photo of Zoë giving direction to actors Naomi Ackie and Alia Shawkat, Channing shared a short video clip of himself, Zoë, and various crew members looking at a monitor during filming.

Blurry photo of Zoë standing with other people, all wearing surgical masks


Screenshot of his comment

But the video soon came under scrutiny from anti-mask cynics who questioned why everybody behind the monitor — including Channing and Zoë — was wearing protective face coverings in the video.

Screenshot of them wearing masks

“You look ridiculous with your little mask,” one troll wrote. Another commented: “Masks… really? 🙄”

Screenshot of the comment
Screenshot of "Masks... really?"

One more asked, “How is it 2024 and people are still wearing masks? 😂”

Screenshot of the comment

And the comments appeared to get to Channing, who decided to set the record straight by insisting that nobody actually wanted to wear a mask.

Close-up of Channing walking in a suit and wearing a KN95 mask

He wrote, “Guys the only people wearing masks are the people behind the camera. are yall really that slow? Hahah and it’s not like we want to. Ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️”

Screenshot of the comment

In a separate comment, he added that they had to wear the masks for insurance reasons during filming last year.

Close-up of Channing in a suit

Replying to somebody who’d called the project another “WOKE MOVIE,” Channing said, “They make us wear it for insurance when we made this a year ago. I usually never reply to this dumb shit but this one was a specially stupid.”

Screenshot of the comments

Channing was then spotted liking a conspiracy theorist’s comment that claimed the government had “lied” about the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Close-up of Channing sitting on a couch and wearing a short-sleeved shirt

The liked comment reads, “Must be years ago, when the government lied about a pandemic and suckers wore paper things on their faces.”

Screenshot of the comment

Needless to say, many have been left disappointed by Channing’s social media activity, with one person writing on a Reddit forum, “I thought he was one of the good ones :( oh well.”

Screenshot of the comment

Another reasoned, “His comment doesn't bother me because while I completely agreed with masking, I did it because it was necessary not because I wanted to. BUT, then he liked that post & ruined it. Fucking conspiracy theorists exhaust me.”

Screenshot of the comment

“Wasn't too bad til the liked comment…,” somebody else agreed, while one more was just confused by Channing’s choice to respond, writing, “he really could have just said nothing at all.”

Screenshot of the comment

Others wondered whether Channing had liked the comment by mistake or hadn't read it in its entirety when he pressed "like," and BuzzFeed has contacted his representative for clarification.

Close-up of Channing in a suit at a media event

Interestingly, while Zoë hasn’t publicly shared her own thoughts on masks or vaccines, her mom, Lisa Bonet, is renowned for her anti-vax beliefs — which she first opened up about in relation to her daughter more than 30 years ago.

Close-up of Lisa and Zoë at a media event

During an appearance on The Phil Donahue Show in 1990, Lisa said that she had chosen not to vaccinate Zoë, who was 2 years old at the time. Lisa said she was worried about introducing "alien microorganisms into our children's blood."

Close-up of Lisa with baby Zoë at a media event

It isn’t known if Zoë did get vaccinated later on in life.

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