People Are Applauding This Teen's Response To This Dude's Seriously Horrifying Pickup Line

Cancel all men forever.

Angelica is a 19-year-old student from Connecticut. She told BuzzFeed News she has a Tinder account, but uses it mostly "as a joke."

One of Angelica's favorite ways to use Tinder is to goof around on it when she is hanging out with her 15-year-old sister.

So, on Friday, she said she handed her phone to her sister and let her swipe through on whomever she wanted.

Her sister came across a user named Danny, whose profile picture featured him posing with Ronald McDonald.

"My little sister thought it was funny," Angelica said of the photo, and her sister decided to swipe right.

The swipe was a match, so Danny decided to reach out to Angelica with...this.

Angelica said she was immediately stunned by the pickup line, and responded with a concise retort: "I'm Jewish."

After a while, Angelica said, she decided "I gotta accept it, Tinder boys are dumb." She thought it may make her Twitter friends laugh, so she posted it online.

Her tweet quickly went viral, and everyone was just like...what?

@scottcpilgrim ................................ holocaust jokes are still a thing? seriously? *rubs forehead*

Seriously, dude?

@scottcpilgrim you know his ass thought this was real smooth too like he was typing it up thinking it was the best line ever

Just no, dude, no.

@scottcpilgrim Since when the fuck is the holocaust ever a good topic to include in a pick up line

"Do people actually think this pick up line works? it's disgusting," one woman asked.

@scottcpilgrim do people actually think this pick up line works? it's disgusting

One guy online even claimed he was "Danny" on Twitter and Reddit, saying his pickup line was amazing. BuzzFeed News has been unable to confirm this dude is the real "Danny."

My tinder game weak as fuck lol

A lot of people told Angelica the guy was probably just trying to be "funny" or trolling. But she said she's not so sure.

"I don't think so," she said. "I feel like he genuinely thought it was a good pickup line."

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