Amazon Just Crashed The Whole Internet And It Was Really Challenging

Welcome to hell, or 1990.

On Feb. 28, the unthinkable occurred. Amazon's Web Service's S3 storage system suffered an outage, rendering many websites (including BuzzFeed) basically useless.

Here's why so much of the internet isn't working right now via @blakersdozen

People promptly lost their shit, because the internet basically blew up.

Amazon S3 is down and the internet is burning

It was a time of great uncertainty, as people rushed to see if their favorite websites were affected.

Guess everyone is finding out what is/isn’t running on Amazon S3 at the moment.

And many people were unable to do any work at their jobs.

That moment when Amazon S3 goes down and trello and CircleCI don't work #s3down

It was pretty confusing.

Me the past two hours because the internet is broken and I work at a WEBSITE

And patiences were tested.

Me when I have 7 emails from 7 different clients asking why the internet is broken.

People were faced with very sad struggles.

When the internet goes down and you are forced to go outside and observe the world #Amazon #S3 @awscloud

Pray 4 the victims.

wow this amazon outage is really taking a toll

This is madness.

When #Amazon S3 is down and you feel like the whole internet is broken. 😭

Screw u Amazon.

Ugh!!!! The internet is broken. Thanks #AmazonS3 #amazonoutage

Others wondered what the scene was like at Amazon.

Since you're reading this post, you know that the service seems to be *mostly* restored. But it got dicey there for a minute.

(c. 2019, Neo New York, Amazon S3 Outage Never Resolved Timeline)

Never leave us again, internet.

the year is 2019. Amazon S3 came back ... but different. changed. sinister. millions have browsed into the void, never to return

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