This Cute Corgi Named Bethany Accidentally Flew To Hawaii By Herself

Corgi Alone: Lost in Hawaii.

A cute Corgi named Bethany had a fun adventure after she was accidentally placed on a flight to Hawaii instead of one to Mississippi.

American Airlines

Bethany's breeder, Paul Chen, placed the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on a plane headed to Jackson from Seattle on Saturday.

But she never arrived.

Chen was worried that Bethany had been lost or stolen, and even offered a $1,000 reward for her safe return.

But it turns out Bethany had just taken a little detour.

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

An American Airline spokesman told BuzzFeed News that Bethany somehow ended up on a flight to Hawaii and ended up in Honolulu.

Ross Feinstein said that the airline took Bethany into the care of a vet once they located her and placed her on a flight back to the contiguous U.S.

She is now in Dallas, and will head home once she is "well-rested."

Feinstein said the airline is investigating how Bethany ended up on the wrong flight.

"We apologize to Bethany and her owner for the extra flight to Honolulu, and look forward to introducing her to her new owner very soon," he said.

Maybe she was taking a cue from this guy?