Trump Supporters Say Fake News Is Just As Big Of A Problem On The Left

At a stop on his "thank you tour," supporters of the president-elect said they believe news outlets report just as many "fake stories" as discredited sources.

The media has been abuzz recently with widespread reports of fake news websites and stories permeating Facebook.

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But at a stop on Donald Trump's "thank you tour" Tuesday in North Carolina, supporters of the president-elect said they believe mainstream news outlets report just as many "fake stories" as discredited sources.

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Dick and Andy, supporters of the president-elect, said they were weary of the information reported from traditional news outlets.

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"With the media that we have now, you can put anything out and people won't vet it and believe it until you prove it wrong," Dick, who did not give his last name, said.

Dick said it's up to individuals to vet their news sources, and he thinks there's been "just as much against the right as there has been against the left."

Another supporter, Noah, told BuzzFeed News he believes that those calling some right-wing news reports "fake" are biased toward the left.

Noah, a college student attending the rally while home for the holidays, said it was unfair for the media to "pick and choose" websites to label as fake based on their conservative viewpoint.

Jennifer Price, who attended the rally with her WWII veteran father-in-law, said that she believes anyone who falls for fake news is "crazy." However, she said she thinks it equally comes from both sides of the political spectrum.

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"I just think it's the people falling for it that's the issue," she said.

When asked if she thought fake news may have swayed voters toward Trump, Price said "if anything, I think it would have swayed them the other way."

"The fake news that I saw was against Trump," she said.

Nelson, who came to the rally with his two sons, said he didn't think fake news swayed the election.

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"I think there was a groundswell, people wanted to take back the country ... the results speak for themselves," he said.

Like the others, he said most fake news reporting he has seen came from mainstream news outlets.

"I think most of the fictitious or overblown reports came from the liberal media," he said.

Another supporter, Dr. Michael Umeadi, asked how the media can declare some stories "fake" after polls conducted by news outlets failed to accurately predict the outcome of the presidential election.

"Nobody believed that President-elect Trump would win," he said. "They brought out their data, its fake data...that was fake data."