Here's The Best Meme To Come Out Of The Weeknd's Super Bowl Halftime Show

So perfect for 2021, really.

It's time to crown the champion of the Super Bowl. No, not whoever wins. Which part of the Super Bowl halftime show becomes the breakout meme of the night?

This year, the crown has been captured by this meme from the Weeknd's performance.

Twitter: @Skeeter696969

The vibe of the meme is basically...when you don't know WTF is going on.

Like this relatable circumstance.

*5 year old me in the grocery store looking for my mom* #PepsiHalftime

Twitter: @jameswalls71

me losing my mom in the supermarket when i was 10 #SuperBowl #SuperBowlWeeknd

Twitter: @rachellm23

Or this more adult experience.

Me looking for my car at the AMC Burbank 16 parking garage:

Twitter: @americanamemes

They walk so fast!

me trying to follow the hostess to my table at the Cheesecake Factory

Twitter: @ConorRyan_93

Some are pandemic-specific.

Me looking around for ‘real pants’ when the pandemic’s over after only wearing sweatpants for a year

Twitter: @BrettSVergara

Me looking for toilet paper at Costco last March.

Twitter: @MaxBretosSports

Or city-specific.

Trying to exit the Delancey/Essex St station

Twitter: @JamesHarness

But some are universal.

me looking for the arrows to the model rooms in the ikea lighting section

Twitter: @morgan_sung

Me trying to find my wife at Target

Twitter: @jagsdrew

Seriously every time.

Me stomping around the house trying to find my phone when it’s in my back pocket

Twitter: @IdaTedescoTV

I mean...

Me looking for attention because my boyfriend is ignoring me for football

Twitter: @EwdatsGROSS

A lot of people hearkened back to a particular time in their lives.

Me at the party after drinking one of the original four lokos in college

Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

Congrats to this meme!

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