People Are Shook By This Girl's Horrifying Experience When She Tried To Make Duck

"Surprise, bitch."

This is Tiarra Duncan, a 21-year-old from Charlotte. Recently, Duncan decided to make an orange ginger braised duck for dinner. So, she bought a duck at a market.

Duncan told BuzzFeed News the meat was labeled just as frozen duck at the store.

"I was expecting it to look like how a whole chicken or turkey does when you buy it," she said. "No head, no feet."

But SURPRISE...that is NOT what she got.


"Surprise, bitch."

Duncan said she was really grossed out, so she decided to share the photos on Twitter. People were shook.

@Intoxicating_ @lipastouch I would screams really loud if I saw that.. damn!

They couldn't handle the duck's expression.

@Intoxicating_ smiling back at you like

And then turned it into a meme.

@Intoxicating_ "Get me up out this sink man"

"I betcha ass not hungry now huh?"

@Intoxicating_ "I betcha ass not hungry now huh?" 😭😭😭

Oh god...why???

@Intoxicating_ "you still tryna duck tonight"


@Intoxicating_ when you get that 2am "You up?" text


@Intoxicating_ making duck great again lol

Her post also brought out a ton of vegetarian and vegan trolls, which Duncan says has been annoying.

By eating meat you harm our only planet, you body, and murder a helpless animal.That's unintelligent.Do your own research.Don't be ignorant

She said she enlisted someone else to butcher the duck, and still ate it. But she said it "was hard to look at after that."

"I don't think I'll be able to look at meat the same again," she said.

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