People Are Cackling About How This Teen Accidentally Scared The Shit Out Of Her Neighbor

This is truly ~supernatural~.

Kellie Burkhart is a high school student from Tennessee. She is a pretty big fan of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

Kellie Burkhart

In fact, she's such a big fan, she has THIS in her bedroom.

Kellie Burkhart

Kellie told BuzzFeed News she has had the cut-out in her bedroom for a few years.

However, her neighbor is def not as big a fan of Kellie's room decor. A few nights ago, the neighbor sent Kellie's dad a message via Facebook. "I'm tired of being scared of whatever is in your kids creepy window," he wrote.

Kellie Burkhart


Kellie Burkhart


Kellie Burkhart

Kellie said her family is friends with their neighbors, a couple with a young child.

"I'm not sure how long it has been scaring the neighbor, but it must have been a long time because the cut out of Dean has been in my window for months," she said, referring to Ackles' characters name. "It was unintentional to scare the neighbor of course, it was just the best place to put it in my room."

She added she and her dad laughed, but she felt bad, too.

"When he showed me we both laughed together and I started feeling a bit bad for the neighbor considering the cut-out does look really realistic," she said.

Kellie tweeted out the screenshots, and a ton of people got a lot of glee from the poor neighbor's plight.

They used a lot of perfect Ackles gifs.

Some people were also scared by the cut-out.

And some said others, like this poor dog, were scared by the same cut-out.

@gyllenhaaIl @MagicalBaboon LOL! I have that same cutout - he's currently under my bed because the dog wouldn't sto…

"I have the same cutout currently behind a bookshelf because it freaked my sister out," said one.

@gyllenhaaIl @maryann01695426 I have the same cutout currently behind a bookshelf because it freaked my sister out

Others had suggestions for how to make it creepier.

@gyllenhaaIl You should occasionally put hats on him & make him dance around in the window.

Especially with Halloween coming up.

@cthompson210 @gyllenhaaIl Ideas for Halloween

Kellie said she has since taken pity on the neighbor and fixed the situation.

"It is still in there, but for the sake of the neighbors I closed the blinds," she said.



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