People Are Going Crazy Over This Girl's "Sleeping Beauty" Prom Entrance

She arrived in an ambulance and was "woken up" by a kiss from her prince.

A teenager in the Bahamas is blowing up on social media after she arrived to prom in an ambulance and was "woken up" with a kiss by her Prince Charming.

The photos of Ashvonn Russell and her date, Johnny Auguste, were posted by Twitter user @CaptainPajamas over the weekend, and have since been retweeted more than 7,000 times.

She went to prom in an ambulance and woke up after she got kissed by prince charming lol

The teen's viral moment came as a result of a contest for "Best Entrance" at the dance, which was put on by a local Key Club for three different high schools on the Abaco Islands.

Some people said Russell totally slayed her prom entrance.

goals now I'm about to show up to prom in an ambulance

And lived every girl's fantasy IRL.

“@CaptainPajamas: She went to prom in an ambulance and woke up after she got kissed by prince charming lol” Goals❤️

Other people wondered where the hell she got the ambulance.

Someone could've been dying and she using that ambulance to go to prom smh

And said it was taking prom too far.

That may be the most dramatic prom entrance ever....arriving in an ambulance, girl laid out on the strecther, dude kisses her and she awakes

A local comedian named Sawyerboy even created a parody video about the entrance.

Facebook: video.php

Some commenters who identified as local residents said they disapproved of the entrance, suggesting the ambulance should have been used for more serious matters.

One person named Vada Smith said she relies on ambulances to get to the hospital if necessary because she is in a wheelchair.

"I be home in pain waiting on them sometimes they don't even come of (sic) they hours late but she made it to prom on time," Smith wrote.

But the comedian wrote on Facebook that he actually liked the entrance.

"I think the idea was creative. Don't get me wrong. I give it to the kids," he said.

The fact that her entrance has spread across the world is "bittersweet," Russell said, because she has been accused of being insensitive for using an ambulance in her home country.

But Russell said she is proud of herself for having an original idea, and executing it with confidence. "I can never apologize for being artistic and creative because that’s what makes me who I am," she said.

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