People Are Pissed After A Female Senator Was Just Called A "Woman" In A Pic With Male Senators

"This is why we march."

On Friday, Getty Images published this photo of Sen. Amy Klobuchar taking a selfie at the inauguration with Sens. John McCain and Bernie Sanders.

Here's the selfie she snapped...

A bit of seat mates at the inauguration: Senators Sanders and McCain.

And while the Getty photo looks innocent, take a closer look at the original caption, which originally referred to Klobuchar as "a woman," but identified the two male senators she was with.

"A woman takes selfie with Senators McCain and Sanders.." Uh you mean US Senator @amyklobuchar?? Nice going @SFGate

The photo and caption were then distributed to media outlets nationwide, where people soon picked up on the caption. One woman spotted it in SF Gate and tweeted her displeasure.

A woman takes a picture with two identified male senators. "A woman". A woman named Senator Amy Klobuchar.

A lot of people thought the caption was messed up.

Ummm... just "some woman"?!! This is why we march. @amyklobuchar #WomensMarch

Many more said it proved why the world needed the Women's March over the weekend.

Here's one reason we marched yesterday. Check out that caption. "A woman" is US Senator Amy Klobuchar. #whyIMarch

"If a single caption could demonstrate why today's #WomensMarchOnWashington was necessary," one person wrote.

If a single caption could demonstrate why today's #WomensMarchOnWashington was necessary. FYI, "A woman" is Sen.…

As the outrage grew, SF Gate responded to the viral tweet and blamed it on Getty Images.

@JoannaSimkin Thanks for drawing this to our attention, this caption came from Getty Images, we agree it was inappropriate and we've fixed.

The caption has since been fixed on Getty Images. A spokeswoman for the company, Kelly Goucher, told BuzzFeed News the caption was a mistake that occurred during the fast-moving process of the inauguration:

Unfortunately, we were unable to identify Senator Amy Klobuchar at the time of the image upload, however the caption was immediately updated to reflect accuracy as soon as we were alerted. Our apologies go out to Sen. Klobuchar and we will continue to work to refine our content ingestion process to limit these errors.

Klobuchar, who tweeted the selfie from the photo, told the Star-Tribune the reaction to the gaffe online has been "amusing" and "endearing."

A bit of seat mates at the inauguration: Senators Sanders and McCain.

"Since only senators were seated in that section (with many layers of security) it did seem a bit odd that they didn't try to pin down who the random 'woman' was sitting next to Sens. McCain and Sanders," she said. "Next time I will wear a big name tag or better yet a Vikings jersey with my name on the back."

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