Here Are The Racially Diverse Emojis Apple Is Reportedly Introducing

The update also includes emojis for many different types of families.

Apple has heard your prayers and is reportedly introducing new emoji characters that are much more racially diverse than the current selection.

Apple just showed off its new, diverse emoji for the first time

According to multiple reports, Apple will roll out the new emoji with its next version of iOS and OS X.

Beta testers got a sneak peek at the new emojis on Monday and shared the images online.

The update allows users to select an emoji character from the "people" section and pick from a variety of different skin tones. It also offers different skin tones for hands.

Each emoji representing people on Apple platforms now offers a choice of skin color, with abstract color as the base.

There will also reportedly be a greater variety of flags and emojis for many different types of families.

Apple also made sure to update the emojis for its products, changing the iPhone emoji to an iPhone 6 and adding an Apple Watch.

Some people on Twitter applauded Apple for the update.

If think asking for diversity in emoji is silly, it's prob because you already are, and always have been represented. Representation matters

Apple continues to focus on inclusivity: iOS 8.3 has 300 new emoji, including diversity, and 32 new country flags!

However, some expressed dissatisfaction over emojis with yellow skin.

Apple's new emojis do a lot right, but these yellow skin tone emojis are downright horrible

The new Asian emoji's are a bit too yellow. They could've toned it down a bit.

And it appears Apple thinks Asian/'yellow' people have jaundice

One Apple analyst wrote that the yellow skin is supposed to be the "default" option.

(The yellow emoji aren’t meant to represent a skin tone. They’re default emoji yellow. Tap to hold to get one of the five skin tone choices)

Others said they were upset there was no option for natural hair and no redhead option.

Apple just dropped it's new diverse emoji and it looks like it was also co sponsored by Dark & lovely relaxer

Now in the new black that real hair or weave?

So Apple are bringing in 300 new emojis yet they still can't have a ginger option😩😒

The iOS update is coming later this year, according to

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