New Yorkers Are Being Pretty Chill About The Bombing So Everyone Calm Down

Don't worry, America, we got this.

The tristate area is on high alert after a series of bombing attacks in New York and New Jersey over the weekend.

The person suspected to be behind the attacks — one of which injured 29 people in New York's Chelsea neighborhood — was apprehended in New Jersey on Monday morning.

Although the Chelsea explosion injured dozens and rattled many in the area, New Yorkers have proven to be very resilient.

A woman told me she and her friends were 3 blocks away when they "heard a huge commotion." Now they're trying to find a new bar to go to.

In fact, many people didn't let the bombing disrupt their routine.

People calling into NY1 who were on the block when the explosion happened? Full NYC calm. "I heard the explosion, then went to the deli."

Take that, terrorists.

"I heard the explosion, then went to the deli" is my new life motto.

People on Twitter pointed out that everyone else who doesn't live in NYC seemed to be panicking a lot more than New Yorkers.

New Yorkers: An explosion just happened a block away. Oh well. Gotta meet my friends at the bar Rest of the US: OMG ISIS IS TAKING NEW YORK

"New York could be hit by a comet and Kansas would be like 'AMERICA IS BLEEDING' while Bushwick would be like 'I guess I walk to work now,'" one person said.

New York could be hit by a comet and Kansas would be like "AMERICA IS BLEEDING" while Bushwick would be like "I guess I walk to work now."

Besides, New Yorkers were too busy debating some VERY important points to be scared.

Dear Media, 23rd St. And 6th Ave. is Flatiron not Chelsea.

Come on, news media, get it right.

inspiring: the first thing new yorkers did after the explosion in chelsea was call loved ones to say "actually, 23rd and 6th isnt chelsea"

New Yorkers can agree on some points, though.

It's heartwarming that in the wake of the Chelsea explosion New Yorkers have come together to agree that Chelsea isn't trendy.

In short, don't worry about New York, America. Everything is just fine.

New York fears ranked 1. Pushed into subway tracks 2. Seamless outage 3. Have to go to Times Square 4. Fav dive bar gentrified 1,563: ISIS

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