Some Tickets For Michelle Obama's Speaking Tour Are Now Going For $1,000 And Many People Are Priced Out

“I feel like this wasn’t really made for people who aren’t rich. I’m sad.”

Michelle Obama is releasing her memoir, Becoming, on Nov. 13 and then will go on a speaking tour around the country.

Tickets for the show, billed as an “intimate conversation” with the former first lady, went on sale to the general public Friday.

People had the option of purchasing tickets a day earlier by signing up for Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Presale for the event.

After a few hours, the event’s official vendor, Ticketmaster, was sold out all of the standard tickets for many shows.

Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, told BuzzFeed News in a statement that tickets for the event started out at $29.50.

They added that 10% of the tickets were being set aside for “local charities, schools, and community groups free of charge.”

“The demand for the Michelle Obama tour has been extraordinary and bringing her to arenas maximizes the number of people able to attend,” the company said.

Now the cheapest ticket for the event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is...$996.

On StubHub, tickets for the Brooklyn event were selling for $134, with $50 for a parking pass. The average price for the event on StubHub was about $450 per ticket.

In Chicago, the first lady’s hometown, you needed to spend at least $500 on Ticketmaster to hear her speak.

Though it is the cheapest available, the above ticket comes with perks, like a signed copy of the book.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a spokesperson for Obama for comment.

One of the cheaper options, Obama’s show in Philadelphia, had tickets starting at $164 a ticket.

Many people who had planned on going to the show said on social media they could not afford it.

I decided to check the tickets for Michelle Obama at TD garden. These tickets are starting at $300. Nice. Nothing but respect for my First Lady. Literally nothing... because I don’t have coins for this.

“Too poor.”

too poor to buy tickets to @MichelleObama book tour

Some made jokes about what they could do to go.

Me, practicing my moves so I can get some #MichelleObama book tour tickets without skipping a tuition payment. 😂😳

And said it was as hard as getting a good deal on Beyoncé tickets.

These Michelle Obama tickets cost more than the drake tickets lol probably more than the Bey tickets too lol

Some said it seemed the event “wasn’t really made for people who aren’t rich.”

“She’s worth it, but I can’t afford it.”

@bnalani17 @MichelleObama @Ticketmaster I feel you. I wanted to do the meet and greet and then died at sticker shock ($2K). She's worth it but I can't afford it. You'll find your tickets bb!!! I'll pray.

However, some people defended the high cost.

You hoodrats complaining about how much Michelle Obama’s tickets are but spent your whole rent on Beyonce tickets, don’t even deserve to go. This event is not for you if you have a problem with ticket prices #MichelleObama #BookTour #KNOWLEDGE #motivation

“She deserves ALL THE COINS.”

Seeing lots of complaints about the cost of Michelle Obama tickets: 1. Don't come for Auntie Chelle; just don't 2. She gave up a lucrative career & her personal ambitions in service to this country; she deserves ALL THE COINS 3. This is her MO-ment! Let her have it

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