This Teen Wrote Her Number On A Softball To Try To Get A Date And Got A Text Back 6 Years Later

Message on a ball-ttle.

Hayley Robbins is an 18-year-old from Kentucky. When she was 12, she went on a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Hayley told BuzzFeed News her tween self wanted to do a "message in a bottle," but leave it on the beach. She didn't have a bottle, but she had a softball.

Of course, Hayley said she never expected to get a text back. But last week, six years later, she did! Someone had found her ball and decided to reach out.

Even though the ball didn't lead her to her Prince Charming, Hayley still thought it was a super-cool story. She tweeted about it and thousands of people agreed.

When I went to the beach 6 YEARS AGO I wrote my name & number on a softball & threw it into the ocean & told cute g…

Many people appreciated the extremely wholesome content.

@_hrobb This is the greatest thing I've seen all day. Like how the world does that happen. I am shook

And a lot of people enjoyed her tactics.

@_hrobb @slaayanne this boutta be every girl putting they shit in the ocean

High School Musical could never.

this is the start......of something new

"brb gonna go buy a softball and throw it into the ocean so my love story can start."

brb gonna go buy a softball and throw it into the ocean so my love story can start

Some people were impressed by another fact: that Hayley never changed her phone number.

I’m mostly amazed by the fact that you kept the same number for SIX YEARS, lol.

Thanks for the very pure story, Hayley!

Hollywood gotta make this into a movie now bruh