This Teen Started A Trend Of Matching Her Nail Color To Random Objects And It's So Extra

"Love it when my nails match my scissors."

Alina is a 19-year-old who takes her nails seriously. She told BuzzFeed News she gets them done every two weeks.

In January, Alina was working at her job at a pizza place when she noticed something funny. Her nails matched the Canadian bacon she was working with perfectly. Later, when she bought a milkshake, they matched that too.

So... I got a new set today and this was the outcome

She decided to tweet about it, 'cause why not?

"I started taking pictures because it was just funny and also aesthetically pleasing," she said.

Since then, Alina has posted other photos to Twitter of her nail matches. Slowly, over the past few months, people have really gotten into her matching.

And while some people have not been able to get over the ham photo...

@alinamarie____ "BIG. MEATY. CLAWS."

...a lot of other women have decided to try out the trend for themselves.

"Love it when my nails match my scissors."

@alinamarie____ Love it when my nails match my scissors 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Check out these trash bag–colored nails.

Or these, which can go multiple ways.

@alinamarie____ I feel you sis

These match nicely with pretty flowers.

@alinamarie____ I do that shit all day when I get my nails done. Take pictures with things that match lmao

And a similar color is a dead ringer for sweetener.

Anyone thirsty?


Things got pretty random after a while.

@alinamarie____ Got a new set yesterday... I was bored. Thought I would do it too lol 💛💛😂😂

Some people were really creative with it.

And of course, brands even got involved.

@alinamarie____ We do the same thing here at the box... 👀 #relatable

So what does Alina think of her viral fame? "I have revealed that girls will go any length to show off a new set of nails," she said.

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