This Woman Designed A Dress For Pride Inspired By A Leslie Jones Tweet And It Turned Out Amazing

"She gay dude, stop it."

Kayla Guminiak is a 27-year-old working in Manhattan as a cutter for a theatrical costume shop. For the past few years, she has made her own dress to wear to Pride festivities.

For example, here is what she made last year. It's a rainbow dress covered with little photos of Hillary Clinton.

This year, she found inspo from another iconic woman, Leslie Jones. In particular, this epic clapback that Jones posted on Twitter last year in response to a guy hitting on her Saturday Night Live co-star, Kate McKinnon.

@MetaNemesis she gay dude stop it lol

Guminiak told BuzzFeed News that using the tweet as dress inspo started as a joke. She already has a tank top with the tweet printed on it, and her best friend suggested she wear the tank to Pride this year.

Guminiak thought she could go even further, and make a matching dress.

"It was just so ridiculous and silly and fun, and I love making and wearing ridiculous, silly, and fun things, so I decided to do it," she said.

She added that she thought the tweet was "honestly iconic."

"No woman enjoys unwanted advances by creepy dudes, either on the internet or in real life, and so often we just ignore it, so it's nice to see somebody actually say 'stop it,'" she said. "And as a gay woman (especially as a feminine, often-assumed-straight gay woman), there have been times when I've been hit on and I just want to yell 'I'm gay, dude, stop it!' So, plastering it all over my body seemed like a pretty good choice."

She designed the fabric online and made the dress using a simple pattern.

It turned out AMAZING. She chose to create the fabric with rainbow colors, of course.

A living, breathing clapback. Beautiful.

Guminiak said she didn't get many comments on her dress IRL, but once she posted it onto Twitter, people fell in love.

Thank you, @Lesdoggg, for providing the very best inspiration for my Pride dress this year.

They were big fans of her design skills.

@heykaylabeth @Lesdoggg That dress is super cute and you look amazing. Happy PRIDE!

Of course, they are placing orders.

@heykaylabeth @heyholtzmann @Lesdoggg really can you make me one and ship it to europe??? i'll pay whatever

And tagging Jones, so she will respond.

@heykaylabeth @Lesdoggg she needs to see this!!

Guminiak said she posts her creations on social media a lot, so she never expected this type of response on Twitter.

"It's so unexpected. But wonderful!" she said.

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