This Teen Got Her Instagrams Noticed By A Celebrity With This Simple Hack

This is pretty genius, tbh.

This is Kylie Melbourn, a 17-year-old high school junior from Chicago.

Kylie has been doing an Instagram trick for years that is pretty random, but also kind of genius. She edits her photos on Instagram, and then DMs them to singer Austin Mahone.

She explained to BuzzFeed News that she likes to edit her photos using Instagram's filters, and then post them on other social media.

"I always like the Instagram filter better, so I would edit them on Instagram, send them to him so that they would save to my camera roll, and then post on Twitter or Facebook," she said.

She said she picked Mahone because she used to be a huge fan of his, and she figured he wouldn't ever see them. She said she has sent him "at least 40" photos.

"It's been awhile, and it's been of everything," she said. "Prom, homecoming, my friends and I, my sister, my cousins, New Year's Eve, my boyfriend, my dog... I've sent him a lot."

However, she never expected Mahone was looking at her pics. Until he responded.

"Looking good Kylie. Thanks for sharing your favorite memories with me," he wrote.

Kylie said she was "shocked" that Mahone responded, especially since she used to be a HUGE fan when she was younger. She tweeted out the exchange, and people thought it was really random and funny.

When I edit my insta pics I send them to Austin mahone just so they'll save to my camera roll..after 3 years of thi…

People said they were hoping to do the same and get responses.

@kymelbourn @ManaalA_ one day beyoncé will respond... just u wait

They were super into the idea.

@kymelbourn this is really smart omg I need to do this to @Harry_Styles

After all, who doesn't want celebs seeing their pics?

@kymelbourn I did the same thing to James Lafferty and I saw this the other day 💀

Kylie said she has been pretty surprised over all the attention, and added that she of course responded to Mahone's message: "I sent a heart back and then my cousin told me [to] send my number, so I said text me and gave my number."

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