These Completely Insane Photos Of LA Traffic Will Make You Super Excited To Travel For Thanksgiving

♫ Over the river and through the woods, to sit on the highway we go.♫

If you need to travel through Los Angeles for Thanksgiving this year, pack some snacks. Insane aerial footage from the area is showing the city's highways are a virtual hellscape.

Aerial footage shows bumper-to-bumper traffic in Los Angeles as Americans get a head start on Thanksgiving travel.…

Ah, what a nice, leisurely drive.

Aerial footage shows traffic gridlock in Los Angeles as the Thanksgiving travel rush begins

You can really see the sights this way, you know?

Aerial views show major traffic congestion in #LosAngeles as people get a head start on their Thanksgiving travel.

Such beauty.

Omg 😩😩 Thanksgiving traffic already in Los Angeles #ICant

People were pretty shook by the images.

Other Cities: We have traffic Los Angeles: Hold my beer

And some had jokes.

Traffic in Los Angeles looks like the @trailblazers logo. (Credit @darrenrovell )

Oh Mike, you clever dog.

If you turn image of Los Angeles traffic 90 degrees it looks like a dragon.

Others reveled in the schadenfreude.

There is a morbid fascination with Los Angeles traffic at Thanksgiving...

But Angelenos were pretty cool about it all.

Traffic: if you're from Los Angeles, it's Zen. You just let go and be at one with the smog and flashing lights on the 405.

Some people said the image even warmed their hearts.

Why did this make me tear up? I miss you Los Angeles! Even your notorious traffic. <3


My dear lovely LOS ANGELES .. I miss your traffic

See you in 10 hours, friends and family!

@mimi_jadallah @ABC @d_aaniellee @jelenamandrapa @Tamaraakj I’m still driving 😭

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