People Are Losing Their Mind After Target's Hunter Boots Collab Sold Out Super Quickly

"The boots I did manage to get had glue and fabric was stained."

Target has caused pandemonium again by releasing another limited-time collection with a hot designer. This time, the store teamed up with Hunter boots for a collaboration collection that launched this weekend.

In a press release, Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, said Hunter and Target wanted to "air Hunter’s great heritage and iconic style with Target’s 'Expect More. Pay Less' design capabilities."

"Hunter and Target worked hand-in-hand to create a colorful assortment of all-weather wear for the entire family — one that will protect them from the elements no matter where they are or what they’re doing, all for a fantastic price," he said.

The collaboration between the most Instagrammable wellies around and every mom's favorite store had many running to the shelves on Saturday to grab the collection. The line includes more than 300 items, including jackets and bags, in addition to the brand's iconic boots.

Many people were able to grab a pair...


Those who snagged the collection gleefully posted online. "I had no idea this line was launching until I casually walked into #target today with the goal of only buying Advil."

"Picked up my #hunterxtarget rain boots just in time for this morning’s #aprilshowers."

Retail bliss!

I feel dizzy from the amount of money I just spent in such a short amount of time #HunterxTarget

However, not everyone was so lucky. Hunter fans were super bummed when the line sold out quickly at many stores, and since it is limited-time, they were SOL.

@amittenkitten Our #HunterxTarget collection was super popular, and has sold out of many items quickly. Stores will not be receiving additional shipments, but you may find #HunterxTarget items as other guests return or exchange items at the store. We apologize for any disappointment.

Some shared photos of empty shelves.

Soooo that’s a no then on the #hunter for #target rain boots? ☔️

They aired their grievances online.

Sigh. Like a zillion other people, I was ready to shop the new @HunterBoots for @Target. And, like a zillion other people, I can't buy it online or in any store within a zillion-mile radius of here. Tsk, tsk, Target. Tsk, tsk. #shameonyou


So I totally blanked and forgot about the #HunterxTarget release and wow its not restocking

They said it wasn't fair people were able to buy so many, leaving none for other customers.

Hey @Target you should have put a quantity limit on your #HunterxTarget boots so people who really wanted them for their kid could get them, and not these jerks buying 10 pairs and selling them on EBay.

"@Target please please please fix this for the next collab. Now items are selling for 4x the price on the Internet."

By the way- online I tried to buy since midnight. I was up until 3am and still wasn’t available, get up at 7am and everything gone! @Target please please please fix this for the next collab. Now items are selling for 4x the price on the Internet. #hunterxtarget #targetfail

Others said they were disappointed in the quality of the brand's cheaper version of the boots.

@BoyzRuleOurWrld @Target That’s awesome I was able to get a few items and have already returned 2 of them because they were defective. Peeled and scratched. #HunterxTarget

The Target version of the boots has a curved back, unlike the brand's original boot, and some weren't loving it.

@JoanieCox @HunterBoots @Target mine made it through the check out, then discovered they were crooked when I got home!!!

Others complained about the quality of other items.

@Target @AskTarget I want to state my disappointment in the #HunterxTarget thermos. I’ve had to return 3 due to defect. #overit also is the green #bumbag the Hunter unicorn 🦄 ? Haven’t seen anyone with it.

"Need to add that for such a big collaboration, the quality was definitely NOT THERE. The boots I did manage to get had glue and fabric was stained. Pictures don’t lie. #hunterxtarget #TargetFail."

Need to add that for such a big collaboration, the quality was definitely NOT THERE. The boots I did manage to get had glue and fabric was stained. Pictures don’t lie. #hunterxtarget #TargetFail

A Target spokesperson said anyone with quality concerns should return their products for a full refund.

"Millions of guests have shopped Target’s latest collaboration. A few have reached out with concerns regarding product quality. We apologize for any disappointment," the spokesperson said. "It’s important to us that our guests feel confident that they can get quality products for a great price at Target. Any guest who has concerns about the product they purchased from Target is encouraged to return it for a full refund."

One of the biggest complaints about the launch is that the tall women's rain boots, one of the most iconic Hunter products, have been delayed indefinitely.

How are the #HunterxTarget women's tall boots STILL not launched? Why are you doing this to me @Target :(

Target announced the delay on Friday, saying it would "share more information when we can."

Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas told BuzzFeed News the company understands the disappointment, and wanted to communicate the delay "proactively."

“We knew guests would be disappointed; we wanted them to be at least be aware," he said.

Still, many people were annoyed.

If you’re annoyed about the #HUNTERxTARGET roll out clap your hands.... 👏🏼👏🏼

Even the (poor) cashiers.

To all of the women who are going to come into the Northshore Target today and ask me (a cashier) why the #HunterxTarget women’s tall rain boots were delayed: I don’t know. Please stop yelling at me, I am a child.

It reminded some of other infamous launches.

I don’t buy this “Hunter for Target” stuff, I’m still recovering from the tragic “Lilly for Target” incident of 2015. #HunterxTarget @Target

Despite some negative reviews, Thomas said the launch has for the most part been "overwhelmingly positive."

When your #HunterxTarget arrives in the mail! Everything is perfect and makes worth staying up until 2 am worth it! @Target @HunterBoots



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