A Bernie Sanders Staffer Used His Boss To Help Him Propose

What a wingman.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been a pretty busy guy the past few months, but he still has time to be wingman for a bro.

One of the Democratic presidential candidate's staffers posted on Twitter that he pulled off a great proposal this weekend, with a little help from his boss.

Hector Sigala, the campaign's social media director, said he proposed to Kimberley Riofrio using the below video from Sanders.

Thanks for the assist, Bernie. #Engaged

Sanders starts out the video by talking about his campaign, before calling out Riofrio by name. He then says, "Hector has a question for you!"

"He's a good guy, why don't you help him out?" Sanders said with a smile.

People said the proposal seemed totally perfect.

@hgsigala Congrats and I love @BernieSanders even more now.

And that it made them feel the Bern even more.

@missxtinemusic @hgsigala @BernieSanders Just when I think I can't admire him more, he does something like this.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Sigala and the Sanders campaign for more on the proposal.

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