An Instagrammer Complained About The Caviar Served At Trump’s Resort And People Are Furious

"I don't like to eat caviar with plastic. It shouldn't be served that way, I wasn't tasting gelato flavors."

Donors and friends of President Trump gathered at Mar-a-Lago this weekend for a fundraiser to celebrate his first year in office. The president was supposed to attend, but the government shutdown kept him in Washington.

Many who attended the party at Trump's Florida resort posted photos of themselves enjoying the weekend.

However, one person was NOT so happy. Instagram user @vacayinbae was dining at a Mar-a-Lago restaurant over the weekend when they were served THIS.

They then shared another photo of the subpar "accompaniments" paired with the appetizer. @Vacayinbae told BuzzFeed News they were not at the Trump event, but were dining at the resort's restaurant on the same night.

@Vacayinbae said they were "legitimately upset" that they were served caviar with plastic spoons.

"I don't like to eat caviar with plastic. It shouldn't be served that way, I wasn't tasting gelato flavors," they said via Instagram message.

However, they said Mar-a-Lago is a "beautiful place with beautiful people."

"The food was amazing, just the caviar presentation wasn't what I expected," they said.

Unfortunately for @vacayinbae, the post from their Instagram account, which was only followed by about 100 people at the time, was swiftly picked up on Twitter and falsely connected to the Trump event. People slammed it as out of touch.

Mar-a-Lago guests paying $100k or more per couple to attend Trump’s inauguration anniversary political fundraising…

@annalecta / Twitter

They used it to vent their frustrations about Trump supporters in general.

The forgotten men and women of the Rust Belt also understand that [checks notes] caviar should be served with mothe…

@brianbeutler / Twitter

And, of course, they linked it to the government shutdown.

Current #TrumpShutdown status: Republican donors furious about their *caviar spoons* as Dreamers face prospect of m…

@WorkingFamilies / Twitter

"A nation in turmoil."

A nation in turmoil: Government shut down. Kids without health care through CHIP. Dreamers facing deportation. Tru…

@jolivernyc / Twitter

"Elites traumatized."

Amid government shutdown, elites traumatized by caviar served with *gasp* plastic spoons at Mar-a-Lago.…

@tedslowik / Twitter

@Vacayinbae said they "feel bad" their photo went viral, and hope they can return to the resort.

"I will go back if I don't get blacklisted from all of this," they said. "I didn't intend this to become such a 'shit show,' I was really surprised is all."

A spokesperson for Mar-a-Lago did not return BuzzFeed News' request for comment on the caviar catastrophe.

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