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Teacher Called A Hero After Reportedly Tackling Gunman At Washington High School

There were no reported injuries in the incident.

Last updated on April 27, 2015, at 2:28 p.m. ET

Posted on April 27, 2015, at 11:37 a.m. ET

A teacher at a Washington state high school is being praised as a hero after he reportedly tackled a gunman who fired a shot into the air on campus.

.@OlyPD and Lacey PD at scene. North Thurston HS. Shooter arrested.

The Lacey Police Department said there were no injuries in the incident at North Thurston High School, and the school district said a member of its staff had tackled the suspect.

Lacey Police on scene at shooting at NTHS. Shooter in custody. No injuries.

Soon after, people on Twitter who appear to be students at the school said the staff member in question was a teacher named Brady Olson.

Apparently a guy came in smoking with a .357 and shot off a round in the air at the commons. And was eventually tackled by Mr. Olsen.

Mr. Olsen getting the medal for saving the day

Olson is a AP Government and Civics teacher at the school, according to its website.

Thank you so much Mr.Olson for saving so many lives and having the courage to do that

Twitter users who were apparently students began to thank Olson on Twitter for saving their lives.

Thank the lord mr.olson had blessed us all to risk his life and tackle him. 🙏❤️

Thurston shooting today!Thank you Mr.Olson and thank you @Robbies_Empire for gettin me tay and sid out of there!

I and everyone should give huge thanks to the law enforcement, Mr. Olson and our administration for all they did today

Many said that Olson was a special teacher who always went the extra mile for his students.

#nths All the news stations. Mr Olson is the best teacher in the school he is like a dad to me.

Mr. Olson did a great thing yes, if you actually knew him you'd know he doesn't want this attention, did what he had to despite consequences

Some also thanked other teachers at the school for helping them stay safe.

Thanks Ms. Rowell for sweeping me inside

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