Neiman Marcus Is Selling Insanely Expensive Food And Everyone Is Confused

You can also buy stuffing for $85 or baked beans for $80.

People online are totally roasting luxury department store Neiman Marcus because they are selling bougie Thanksgiving food for insanely high prices.

For example, for just about $100 you can get approximately 1/27 of your shopping done by buying cinnamon rolls and cranberry sauce.

Wonder what $64 yams taste like?

Those better be some good baked beans.

Or, if you're nasty, why not buy the whole dinner for $495 with $32 shipping?

People began to call out the store after a picture of its collard greens, sold for a cool $68, circulated online.

Gentrified collard greens are now available for order at Neiman Marcus | Awesomely Luvvie

They were mostly like, "WTF?"

🙄 Neiman Marcus is out of their minds for this Thanksgiving dinner they trying to sell smh lol

And pointed out that for these prices, you may as well get the real thing.

If I wanted to spend $80+ on collard greens and $100+ on baked beans, I'd buy a ticket to North Carolina — NOT buy…

"There must be gold flakes in those greens," a radio station concluded.

Neiman Marcus will now be selling collard greens for $66 plus $15 dollars extra for shipping! There must be GOLD flakes in those greens!

Others had jokes about what the store was thinking.

Neiman Marcus' collard green distributor watching his product go live...

And some people thought it was goals TBH.

@FancyFour lmaoooo I'd be buying holiday meals from Neiman Marcus every year

"I just want the money to shamelessly spend on $66 dollars worth of collard greens from @neimanmarcus," said one person.

I just want the money to shamelessly spend on $66 dollars worth of collard greens from @neimanmarcus

All of the backlash may be working to the store's advantage, however, as the collard greens have since sold out.

A spokeswoman for the store told BuzzFeed News that the collard greens are "no longer available."

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