This Woman Has Imagined All Of Trump's People As Reality Stars And Honestly It's Iconic

The Real Housewives of Mar-a-Lago.

Victoria Aveyard is an author with a pretty funny Twitter account. She also is a big Real Housewives fan.

She used her findings to create a truly iconic Twitter thread imagining the White House players as reality TV stars. Like Ivanka, for example.

Or how about Jared?

Melania is just chillin.

While Tiffany gets a Kardashian spin.

Pence kept it real.

As did Steve Bannon.

Comey was ready to spill the tea.

And Kellyanne Conway was apologetic.

And of course, there was the big man himself.

Here he is on his upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia.

Or on Twitter!

And of course, the one that inspired it all, Paul Ryan.

Her thread soon went viral, and people were frankly obsessed.

@VictoriaAveyard This thread is everything!

Aveyard said she was happy her tweets had made some people laugh in the middle of the political insanity.

"It feels good to laugh, we need to laugh, but it's hard finding moments where we feel like we can anymore. Hopefully this is one of them," she said.

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