Melania Trump Wore Stilettos On The Way To Texas And People Lost Their Minds

The first lady later changed into a sporty ensemble, including a "FLOTUS" hat and tennis shoes.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump departed the White House to visit Texas, which has been devastated by flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.

The first lady rocked stilettos, a bomber jacket, and aviator sunglasses as she got on Marine One for the trip.

A White House aide also helpfully carried the first couple's bags, which appear to be Louis Vuitton, onto the chopper.

People on Twitter soon began to lose it over the fact that the first lady wore high heels on the trip.

Is Melania wearing Ivanka designer brand flood gear? Like seriously. WTF do you call that?

Some criticized her as being "out of touch."

And here we have Melania Trump modeling what NOT to wear to a hurricane: 5-inch stilettos. How out of touch can yo…

"What was your first clue that this Texas trip was to be nothing more than a fake, useless photo op? Was it Melania's six-inch spike heels?" said one person.

What was your first clue that this Texas trip was to be nothing more than a fake, useless photo op? Was it Melania'…

Other people just trolled the first couple. "Louis Vuitton luggage is a must for visiting a hurricane-ravaged state."

Louis Vuitton luggage is a must for visiting a hurricane ravaged state

They said she was "ready to wade!"

It was very thoughtful of Melania trump to bring her water shoes. She's ready to wade in the Houston floods !

She immediately became a meme, of course.

Houston: We've lost everything... Melania: *straps on heels*

Oh jeez.

Live look at Melania Trump offering assistance in Houston:

Some wondered if she was taking fashion inspo from a former veep.

I'm trying to be positive so instead of mocking Melania's heels I'll compliment her Biden impression.

Trump supporters, though, criticized those blasting the first lady's footwear, saying it is a nonissue.

Melania is in #Houston w/ POTUS & ppl are criticizing her choice of shoe wear? An entire city is flooded & this is pt of focus? Ridiculous.

The first lady's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, also criticized the haters on Twitter.

Very well said @johnrobertsFox

"It's sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes," a Trump spokesperson told CNN.

By the time the Trumps landed in Texas, Melania had changed into a black "FLOTUS" hat, a ponytail...

Pres. Trump and First lady Melania Trump touch down in Corpus Christi, TX

And some tennis shoes. Take that, haters!

if i may, ahem, I told you so. @FLOTUS #stansmiths

If you've been impacted by the storm in Texas or have a tip about rescue, relief, government, or aid efforts, call the BuzzFeed News tipline at (646) 589-8598. Find us on Signal, email, SecureDrop, and more here.

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